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  1. I used the instructions here I didn't have a stock rom to get the boot.img from so I used the backup feature in "MTKDroidTools" to extract it from the phone. I only used CWM to install Gapps - I'm happy enough with the stock ROM that's on the phone .
  2. belated review of Freelander i30 (aka Newman K1) ordered from Focalprice - took 43 days to arrive (though a few of these were due to customs) Pros: Nice bright 5" screen (720P) - I was worried it would be too big, but having used it for a few days I can't see myself going back to a smaller screen. very responsive JB 4.2.1 - blows the G300 I had before out of the water no bloatware or Chinese apps was able to watch a 1G MKV video on it with no stuttering excellent sound from the headphone jack (the G300 was terrible with a lot of hiss) - haven't really used the speaker so can't comment on this. Haven't tested GPS in any serious way - opening GMaps shows where I am but that's probably mainly from GSM Camera is quick to open and take snaps - pictures are decent enough (haven't tried video) Easy to root 3G works fine (in Ireland on the Tesco/O2 network) battery life is fine - no problem getting a day out of it. Cons: Came with the play store but not full Gapps, with the result that a lot of apps wouldn't install due to missing libraries. Had to install CWM and then flash the Gapps package to get this fixed. I've flashed plenty of ROMs in the past on the G300 and OSF but was still a bit nervous I might brick the phone. its not ugly but its not beautiful either - its quite angular and a bit uncomfortable against my ear during calls (though I don't make that many calls anyway) the volume rocker is quite unresponsive. battery seems slow to charge (though I usually charge it overnight so this isn't a major issue) haven't tried the dual-SIM functionality so can't comment on this. Anyone any questions ask away, I assume its much the same as most of the other MTK6589 phones. Overall very happy with it (now I have the apps working properly), though if the Moto G had been announced before I ordered I would have given it serious consideration.
  3. the iPhone has no SD card slot either and it hasn't done Apple any harm. I think Google have said they want consistent performance on their phones and the variable quality of SD cards (and the flaky implementation of Move2SD in different apps) makes it unreliable. If an app is performing badly because of a slow or faulty SD card, users will blame the phone or Android itself.
  4. got Gapps installed, apps all working - thanks.
  5. thanks, I think its because the maps library is missing as described here - I tried using Market Helper to change the device ID to Samsung and was able to download one of the apps, but it then wouldn't install complaining of missing libraries. if that doesn't work I'll come back to you.
  6. quite a few apps are showing as incompatible with my phone (Freelander i30) - I think its mostly apps that plugin to Google Maps/Location services. The phone came without GMaps installed but I've subsequently installed it from the Play Store and its working fine. However many apps still say "incompatible" - its as if Play Store cached my phones capabilities at the start and now won't refresh them (this is a guess). Anyone any ideas - there's no way to delete a device in Play and start again unfortunately. (I can probably use something like Market Helper to get around it, but I'd prefer to fix the root cause).
  7. I ordered from Focalprice, airmail on the 30/9 - it only arrived into Ireland on the 5/11 and still got sent to customs (the main reason I had gone with airmail rather than DHL). So my advice would be to go with the courier option and just assume your going to have to pay the customs charge (though YMMV in the UK).
  8. I ordered from Focalprice on Sept 30th - still don't have the phone. Airmail seems to be extremely slow at the moment...
  9. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    I can confirm that the above middle package works fine for downgrading from B952 direct to B895 (in combination with the official Huawei B895 update.app) I've tried various different builds of CM, Stock+ and the stock ICS ROM but the fact is the G300 is a dog with ICS or JB installed. GB is old, but its stable and reasonably smooth. Having downgraded I also can't believe how much extra internal space I now have for apps (500MB compared with about 200MB for a clean ICS install) - is ICS really that much bigger?
  10. Focalprice - was on offer for $160 at the end of September. ClockworkMod, or Cyanogenmod?
  11. Golden Week should be over now - I ordered a Freelander i30 (aka Newman K1) on Sept 29th, apparently it has shipped today.
  12. anyone bought the Freelander i30? Looks good for the price ($160 on Focalprice): MTK6589 5" 720p screen http://www.focalprice.com/MH0553B/Freelander_I30_50_Android_421_Quad_Core_MTK6589_16GHz_3G.html
  13. I've submitted my details to Huawei twice now and haven't received an unlock code - anyone else have the same response? running CM10.1 but the phone just not stable enough, getting tempted to go back to stock ICS (though I don't think thats particularly stable either).
  14. Firefox devices launching tomorrow in Spain - very very cheap (€69 which includes €30 call credit): http://www.engadget.com/2013/07/01/zte-open-launches-tomorrow/
  15. sorry to be returning to this old topic, but I'm also having the same issue. Any time I'm listening to music (using Spotify or Google Music) and I do anything else with the screen (but in particular scrolling through the "Recent Apps" and pulling down the notifications screen) the music skips/glitches. Its annoying because otherwise I really like Stock+ - its stable, and the battery life is good (I was previously using Cm10.1) but listening to music is the main thing I do with the phone. I've played around with NoFrillsCPU, & installed Greenify but it hasn't made any difference.