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  1. I've also asked him twice on twitter (where he has been active) if there will be an update or not, not even an answer there either. I know he won't support all phones for ever, but a simple yes or no on a qustion is not to much asked. So i'm also done paying on this site if we can't even get an answer.
  2. As far as i know this rom is only for maguro.
  3. Could be a new RIL in 4.2.2 that creates the problem, if you use the old baseband in the new rom try also to revert to old RIL with this app (GetRIL). https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sibbor.getril&hl=sv
  4. @Paul Are you still going to update this version or is it only the CM version that's going to be updated from now?
  5. There has been som updates, this version works with 4.2.1 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=34732252&postcount=258
  6. And this ROM isn't Paul's? ;) But yes it works with this ROM.
  7. TY for sharing the mod, works perfect. But is there a way to modify what you will see on that screen? I have other things then shown on this screen shot.
  8. What will happen if you install the systemupdate OTA by google if you are on Jr7?
  9. What Franco kernel version are you using for this rom? I tried r.232 but it seems to have a higher battery drain then stock kernel of this rom.
  10. A backup is allways a good thing to do, just in case. I guess you are using CWM to install rom so do a fullbackup with CWM before installing Jr5. Then clear dalvik and cashe before install, and if everything works as i should everything will be there after upgrade.
  11. Maybe you neeed to read his post again, he only mention that he has high battery consumption ;) I know that other kernels can give better battery, but i allways stay on stock kernel cus they can also give problems.
  12. It feels like Jr5 has less drain then Jr4, but it's still more drain then ICS rom. I have a feeling that auto brightness gives a higher setting then before and is cousing the higher battery drain.