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  1. romasis

    GPS Lock Issue. Try This.

    Main problem is bad internal GPS antenna. I've made a simple test tried "GPS test" on my wife's huawei honor and mine vowney v5. Best signal on few satellites was around 42-43 on Honor and just 26-28 on Vowney. So, there is one way to make GPS work reliable is to find solution how to strengthen GPS antenna. Yesterday I had a tripe on car, used navigation on Vowney. Worked OK on clear road, but then were a lot of trees near road GPS signal was lost a lot of times.
  2. romasis

    [ROM] Vowney v5 Custom ROM - updated 04/07/2013

    hi, tillaz, is it posibble to make a tweak, to change touch keys lighting intense and time?
  3. romasis

    Homescreen Pics

    Can't forget HTC :)
  4. romasis

    GPS Lock Issue. Try This.

    I tried a lot different ways to make GPS work better and faster. Nobody mentioned, but I felt much much faster first lock then I make agps reset I engineering mode "GPS Reset w/o SI_REQ". Can it be helpful making better GPS.conf
  5. romasis

    [ROM] Vowney v5 Custom ROM - updated 04/07/2013

    P.s. thanks to aliaird, recovery update success:)
  6. romasis

    [ROM] Vowney v5 Custom ROM - updated 04/07/2013

    Seller writes direferent is just 13mp back camera
  7. romasis

    [ROM] Vowney v5 Custom ROM - updated 04/07/2013

    Hey, I have vowney v5 pro from fastcardtech. It received rooted, CWM is in Chines language(Verne_V5 CWM-Recovery V6.0.3.1). Is it possible to change it in English, or I should install your recovery as described in first post guide
  8. Hi, how go back to android keybord from HTC keybord?
  9. Hi, everyone, I have a big problem. My phone was orange brand b10. Had installed swedish spring rls4b, everything worked well. But accidentally flashed tele sweden FRY_SFIN_P729BV1.0.0B05-update_signed.zip. Flashing was completed without any error reports, before that I did backup, wiped all data, cache and dalvik cache. Pressed "reboot phone" and it stucked in bootloop, restarts in 5sec. after green android logo shows. Tried pool battery out, tried pool sd an sim cards out, nothing helped. How to make the phone to work??? any idea, please.