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  1. Pathetic amount of storage for apps?

    I have used MiniTool Partition Wizard 7 like the guides say and made 2 partitions. One Fat32 and the other (partition 2) in either Fat32 or Ext but it still doesn't get recognised by link2sd. The only one of these expansion apps that have ever worked for me has been simple2ext (cyanogen only app). That worked fine but seemed to limit me to 512mb iirc. Wish you could unlock all the internal storage for use however you like. Like the Nexus devices can. I think this will be a major factor in my next purchase as fiddling about trying to get it to work is seriously tedious and time consuming. I will check out app2sd. Hopefully I can move the majority of the large game files onto the SD.
  2. Hi everyone, Just had a G300 delivered and been playing with it/setting it up for most of the day now and have been trying to solve the incredibly annoying insufficent storage error. I was under the impression that this phone had around 2GB in internal storage, but in fact that is not available for apps, just other crap I guess. I can only use around 700mb and around 122mb is already taken up by invisible apps; probably system stuff. Anyway, I've tried link2sd and I just can't get it to work. Been trying for hours now and have given up. I've never been able to get that thing to work no matter how I partition the card... And it doesn't help that Google removed the move to SD card option in ICS. That would have done me fine. Are there any custom roms that can take advantage of the over 2GB of storage available on the phone? Or even an easy way to manually move the game data onto the sd card like on 2.3 would be ok. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm having some problems with battery life on my Orange San Francisco/ZTE Blade. I am running Japanese Jellyfish RLS9. I charge the phone to 100% before I sleep, then when I wake up around 9hrs later, the battery has dropped to around 73% WiFi is off & the majority off apps are killed using Advanced Task Manager. The only things running are Market, Google Search, & Voice Search. This can't be normal. I would expect maybe a 10% drop in that time, not over 25% while doing nothing. Hope someone can help me. Thanks.