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  1. Request help for Rom analyzing,

    oh, i cant access . during sim entering i get an error that the is wrong, but its right. wich app handle the pin entering. --> Modded 1.7.22 with cm7 backround -> my test with mcr gr1 is not so good. after boot phone hangs during lg logo
  2. Request help for Rom analyzing,

    Hi, sorry for disturbing and for my bad english. I need help for analyzing MIUI ROM to port for LG O2x. I use MIUI HD 2.0.0 for O2x 1.7.12. Overs have MIUI 1.7.22 for G2x and one try to tune one for LG 2x. but it doesnt work. I try it to. Backround CM7 -> but i dont know wich libs and so one can i update with new and wich are from MIUI. Or is it possible to port MIUI over Modacos Gr1 rom? Please Help.
  3. Is 2g/3g working by everyone? because by me not working. what can i do?
  4. So I tested with the new LGdriver, but smartflash can't find the right com port from LG (windows 7 32bit) I use compatible Mod Windows XP Sp2 and Administration. but don't work for me. What can I do to flash the new Baseband on my P990.
  5. HI, i have an problem. i can't flash with smartflasher. because smartflasher can't connect to rom. I have installed the driver and so. i use windows 7