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  1. EXCLUSIVE: More details on LG's forthcoming Nexus

    After owning the Optimus 2x..... .....i won't buy any LG no more. NEVER AGAIN!
  2. TESTING: VilleC Superboot

    Worked perfectly! Thanks a lot.. Hopefully, there will be some more development for the VilleC :) Cheers, Max
  3. I waited just for this message..... i feel like a kid on xmas-morning :) Max
  4. Seems this forum for 2X is about the die?

    +1 on that.. thinking of getting a galaxy S3 when it arrives.. max
  5. LG's schedule for ICS

    Thats exactly what i mean - the devs here and at xda-devs are doing a far better job then lg. I appreciate this fabulous work! Max
  6. LG's schedule for ICS

    Even, if it would have been Q1 - what the hell are they doing? The devs at xda-developers already released various ICS-Roms for HTC Sensation(just an example). Max
  7. Nvidia/LG debacle :(

    we'll see..... cheers, Max
  8. Hi, i swear, i never had a single lockup nor reboot with GR3 or GR4. I had around 3 different GR3s and now i'm on my 4th GR4 kitchen-build. I'm far away of being a pro - but to mee it sounds like a wrong baseband or a hardware issue. I'm on baseband 725 btw. Hope you get your phone up and running! Max
  9. Hi SuperSkill, i dropped the illusion of recharging every two or even more days a long time ago. Todays "smart" phones - at least mine :) - are constantly busy. (with near the power of desktop systems) Checking emails, social networking, cloud syncing, news and weather updates, bla, bla, bla.. And on top of that, i do phone calls sometimes :) I agree, that usage is the bigger factor - but i clearly see differences btw. different roms. And the kernel - for example HP - can be very helpful saving energy with a little uv. Max
  10. for me it's working.. i'm using HP RC3 too. no problems at all - even battery-life is fantastic! this rom is far the best available, thank you paul for your great work! Max
  11. same here - greatest rom though! actual config: FR18b2,MCK r14 with 64MB-hack, only LG-app used is the dialer max
  12. Hi, i just did a fresh install of FR16 Beta 4(incl. 64MB hack) with a full wipe. Now i can't enter the hidden menu anymore (via dialer 1809#*990#)... Max