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  1. Alcatel announces the One Touch 983

    No luck with the unlocker I tried. They refunded my money yesterday. Can only see that someone with that GB key can do these so far. Have to believe that someone will find a way to unlock these soon.
  2. Alcatel announces the One Touch 983

    So far nothing from the Unlockers but they have a note saying it may take up to 48 hours :' P I also have thought that perhaps the problem with the ADB interface might be related to problems with not having the ADB daemon needing also the USB device vendor ID (VID)? I am not sure if this is what it might be but since it is a fairly new phone it seems possible that this might been to be manually added? Still plugging away :' S
  3. Alcatel announces the One Touch 983

    Well I took a stab and have paid for an unlock code from these guys (http://simlock24.pl/) as the price was only £5.83. Will let you now how it goes after I get my code tomorrow. Been trying out different versions of SuperOneClick and another rooting program but no joy so far. The drivers seem to be a bit of an issue and it hangs on step #7 of SOC. I have seen 2 automated and one manual method of rooting ... just have not had time to do too much so far. As far as the phone goes, it is a perky little thing for the price and works much faster than my OSF I. I am interested to see whether there will be some custom ROM's available as it seems to have lots of potential. FWIW