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  1. OneB1t

    Building TWRP/CWM for Vodafone Smart Prime 6

    here is half working TWRP for smart prime 6 i need to adjust recovery.fstab to cover all partitions but for now it starts and shows /system and integrated sdcard :) :) http://leteckaposta.cz/137868701 care that its alpha version not really working just proof of concept :) http://postimg.org/image/75ebno4n5/ http://postimg.org/image/yp943q51t/45fa6e50/ can be flashed with rashr
  2. OneB1t

    Building TWRP/CWM for Vodafone Smart Prime 6

    Can you please release compiled twrp? There is now way flash via Service tool no fastboot needed.
  3. not working for me :/ tryed clean rom install, wipe application data, change storage, log in/out etc... do you managed to download maps on your y300/g510?
  4. so you somehow made it to work? can you please write more info about this issue as i tryed to google it with no luck :( (i allready have last beta)
  5. any idea why nokia maps here dont want to download maps on last 4.6-beta6? (just say download failed)
  6. for some reason nokia here navigation is not downloading any files :( can you look into this issue? (i think its related to integrated android downloader) Thanks
  7. version 3.8 is just perfect i got 7991 in antutu with y300 and thats awesome system is smooth and very fast (i disabled all animations) many thanks to all devs :)
  8. someone tested to change this part of code in acpuclock-7627.c? +// force rewrite to different value for y300 +pll_mhz[ACPU_PLL_4] = 1209; /* * 1008Mhz table selection based on the Lvalue of the PLL * is conflicting with the 7627AA 1GHz parts since 8625 chips * are using different clock plan based reprogramming method. */ that should improve y300 cpu frequency to 1200mhz also interesting ideas on this page http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2142286&page=20 htc protou have MSM8225(htc desire x)
  9. is OC working for someone? on y300
  10. OneB1t

    [Request] overclock.ko

    can someone explain what is reason why OC is not possible on MSM8225?
  11. nightly 30 is smoother than older versions :-) nice work
  12. i very happy with this rom everything from nightly 15 is fast and smooth (using chrome not default browser :-)) battery drain is fine wifi/bluetooth/3g/2g/calls/sms/gps working camera/videocamera/panorama working (for best performance enable 16-bit transparency in performance menu enable allow purging of assets and kernel samepage merging in performance->memory managment i also prefer to disable animations in developer menu) thanks alot for this rom Dazzozo
  13. oh nice :-) dunno about it (writed this app for stock rom)
  14. just disable backlight on that buttons (here is small app for permanent enabled/disabled button light http://oneb1t.cz/ButtonBacklight.apk)