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  1. [T] button removal

    Well, that went well. All sorted. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me with this. Mike
  2. [T] button removal

    Flurry Thanks for the rapid response. After posting last night I installed the Modaco Toolkit and removed the [T] with it. I now just have those irritating dots you have mentioned. My plan is to uninstall the Toolkit and use your SystemUI.apk. Any chance you could point me at the idiot-proof guide to doing this? Many thanks (again) Mike
  3. [T] button removal

    Hello all. I've just bought a refurbed Hudl from Tesco's eBay outlet (yes, I am a total tight arse). The thing looks brand new to my eyes and seems to be build JDQ39.20140424.153851 out of the box. Anyway, I've successfully rooted it (with Kingo) and would really like to remove the scandalous [ T ] button. Am I right in thinking I need a specific SystemUI.apk for this? Thanks in advance. Mike
  4. Creaking Vega

    Try filling it with melted cheese. Maybe Cheddar or wensleydale. This might cure the problem.
  5. Quake3droid

    Looking for a game with a bit of spanky-quack? How about the FPS mayhem of good old Quake3? <removed> I was so excited that I hastily cobbled together this wallpaper...
  6. External Battery

    Have you heard of books? They are awesome. :)
  7. phone calls ... help needed

    Are you mental?
  8. Problems using Hotmail

    Thanks for looking into it. I've tried a couple of market apps, but to no avail. The best solution I can currently come up with is to use the full site for attachments and the mobile one for the message. Hardly ideal. If I find a decent app I'll post here.
  9. Problems using Hotmail

    Miren, but it's the same in the stock browser too.
  10. Problems using Hotmail

    Hi all Has anyone had any problems using the full desktop Hotmail site on their Vega? I want to use it for attaching files and also just familiarity. I can type addresses, subjects and attach files, but the Vega won't let me type in actual message box. I tap it and goes briefly orange, but the keyboard does not appear. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Mike
  11. Angry Birds

    What a fantastic game! I didn't realise ringing my ex-girlfriends up in the middle of the night could be so much fun.
  12. HONEYCOMB in Advent Vega RUNNING

  13. Corvus5 Installation Problem

    I read that in another thread, but alas for me it didn't make a difference. Still the same error and "installation aborted."
  14. Corvus5 Installation Problem

    Please let us know if going to the mobii rom and then on to corvus5 yields any result. The revelation about file tables is interesting too.
  15. Corvus5 Installation Problem

    I had read that post and indeed tried everything (including the the script asserts toggle). I still get the same ROM error. I could try downloading the zip again, but that would be the fourth time. If r8 installs perfectly via CWM and corvus5 will not then logically the problem would lie with the corvus5 zip. Grrrr etc