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  1. mparack added a post in a topic Android 4.1.2 is here for the Nexus 7!   

    is it safe to flash this if you have the modaco Rom installed?
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  2. mparack added a post in a topic Jr18 **WiFi** (JDQ39 / 4.2.2): MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Nexus 7   

    Anyone having issues with the patched youtube app? I find that it takes very long to start (even on a 70Mbps connection) and there are occasional freezes and force closes of the app when watching long HD videos.
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  3. mparack added a post in a topic Looks like ICS update for LG Optimus 2X may be coming after all...   

    Have you tried a V20S based ROM (Django Manouche etc) with an optimised Kernel like HP or Gueste ? I am using Gueste 1.8.1 with Z Ram enabled and it feels like a different phone.
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  4. mparack added a post in a topic Mastering Tasker - 1: Getting Started   

    For those who want to try the app before paying the £3.99, go to the Tasker website and download the 7 day trial version which offers full functionality.
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  5. mparack added a post in a topic Buy a LG Optimus 4X, get Cheryl (formerly Cole) for free   

    Signed by Cheryl (formerly Cole) :D
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  6. mparack added a post in a topic Jr18 **WiFi** (JDQ39 / 4.2.2): MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Nexus 7   

    Anyone having Google Now issues? Mine doesn't show any cards at all. It seems to respond to voice and text inputs with cards or
    web searches but doesn't show any cards on its own. I've tried wiping and enabling web history in my Google account settings and toggling Google now but still no luck. All options are enabled in Google now settings as well. Is it because I am UK based by any chance?
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  7. mparack added a post in a topic How a 16GB Nexus 7 can work out at an effective £167.50   

    The 5.05% TCB might be on the ex. VAT price which is £159.99

    So cash back should be £8.08

    Still a great deal if we get the credit from the play store and wallet. I have ordered from Currys with the 5% discount and 5% quidco which should bring the cost to £182.39 which is an even sweeter deal
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  8. mparack added a post in a topic Making payments with Google Wallet on the Nexus 7...   

    I know it's OT Paul, but have you noticed the ghosting issue on your N7 as reported here ?
    It could be a deal breaker for many.
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  9. mparack added a post in a topic What to spend your £15/$25 Play Store Credit on?   

    The credit should be available once the tablet ships. Any particular Tegra games you have in mind jubbly?
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  10. mparack added a topic in Google / Asus Nexus 7 -   

    What to spend your £15/$25 Play Store Credit on?
    So, you've ordered the Nexus 7 after finger numbing refreshes of the crashing play store checkout. And you are getting this free £15/$25 credit. Which apps/games is your money best spent on?

    My first preference was going to be a good keyboard app like Swiftkey but looking at the JB features, I might not need it.
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  11. mparack added a post in a topic New LG o2x in Canada - frustrated with stock ROM. Options? Suggestions?   

    +1 for DjangoManouche. Thanatos was good too but too many reboots on wifi toggle. I'd use Spica's Kernel with Django Manouche. Have been using it for a while now with very minor niggles.
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  12. mparack added a post in a topic LG Optimus 2X V20Q kernel source published   

    He's already said he might. Anyway, looks like V20q is out there now

    Waiting for someone to rebuild and post it so I can flash it.
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  13. mparack added a post in a topic For Paul: v20O   

    Looks like V20P or whatever they name it will be out soon based on some posts at XDA linking to the LG Italy facebook page. Apparently LG are not fully satisfied with the signal/reception of V20O and have opted to develop further

    LG Post
    Ciao Alex, siamo d'accordo, la V20o era una versione migliore rispetto alla V20l. Però non ci convinceva la parte di ricezione, quindi abbiamo optato per prolungare lo sviluppo e migliorare quella parte.

    Hello Alex, we agree, the V20o was a better version than the V20l. But we are not convinced that part of the reception, so we opted to extend the development and improve that part.


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  14. mparack added a post in a topic Great GB rom based on v20o   

    There is a non-wipe version in the thread you have linked to. What yo used assumes that you need to convert to Ext3 irrespective of what you are using which might not always be the case. Ext4 to Ext3 needs converting but conversion not needed for Ext3 to Ext4

    0725 BB is highly recommended unless you have a newer version. It will wipe your device though. Look at Paul's thread about BB flashing for more info.
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  15. mparack added a post in a topic Newb questions   

    I had a similar issue where I couldn't restore backups with Paul's CWM version.

    No idea about the brightness issue. Is it in the settings menu or just the power widget? Are you saying that you can't do it even with the V20O ROM? Try wiping and reinstalling.
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