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  1. [CM9] Ice Cream Sandwich for Liquid (4PDA)

    My camera does not taking photos... Camera app is opening I can see preview, even autofocus is working but when I shot there is nothing but black screen. Does anybody have this issue?
  2. Will a 1500-mAh battery be better for my Acer Liquid E ?

    I have just ordered from Ebay. We will see :)
  3. [CM9] Cyanogenmod 9 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    I've the same flicking issue... But not so disturbing.
  4. [CM7.2Final/Improved] For Liquid A1/Liquid E

    You are doing great :) Keep'em going!
  5. Better sound quality?

    I have the same problem and flashing the 4.002.14 acer bin did not change anything. There is a creepy sound even you mute when playing games.
  6. [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    All information about N1 rom that I've used: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1084726 And this is the download address: http://www.multiupload.com/5NBNGR6VFF Thanks!
  7. [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    Hi! First to say this is the best rom for Acer Liquid E, in my opinion of course, so thank you. I don't have any problems with rom's itself. My problem is about language. I'm from Türkiye and I want to use my phone in Turkish. But there is no Turkish language pack as you know. So I have tried copying “system” folder from a multilingual N1 rom and “META-INF” folder from an Italian language pack and zipped for update. It actually works for language, I can select and use Turkish but when I do that in this way somehow my SD card is gone! I can see my ext3 part from my phone but not Fat32 part, even connected to computer it does not ask for USB share. Do you know any solution for this? Thank you!
  8. I have updated from 1.2.1 and seems like screen rotation is not working. When reboot phone, for the first time it rotates portrait to landscape but hangs in landscape after that. Anybody with this problem? ***EDIT*** The problem caused by the settings in Cyanogenmod Settings>Display>Accelerometer Rotation... "0 degrees" is not chosen by default, when marked rotation works just fine. **** Thanks for the best rom ever made for Acer Liquid. :)
  9. Acer Liquid and Liquid E ALL ROMs bin extract collection

    Can you add official 2.1 GEN4 rom? or at least teach how to find?