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  1. I had the system.Ui bug as well. I have been able to remove it by disabling the Percentage Battery Meter (Circle) from the kitchen. Hope this can help.
  2. Ofc I can bake without OSP. The point is: it's the first time till I bought the O2X (April 2011) that OSP app is listed in battery stats. I was wondering why it was running in background...
  3. I have installed GR2, this is the first report about battery usage: I have NEVER used in my life On Screen Phone. Am I missing something? ;)
  4. LET ME STATE IT CLEARLY: MoDaCo subscription is the best investment I did this year, considering the cost/gain ratio. With 10€ I saved my 479€ smartphone. THX Paul. @Paul: I would like to start a blog in Italian to publish detailed instruction on how to mod the Optimus 2x, using your superior tools. Of course I WONT link or post any baked or prebaked file/rom/baseband. Only instructions with screenshot from my O2X and directions on how to use your wonderful kitchen. Is it possible? Thx in advance.