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  1. Nice I've been waiting for this....
  2. Now is it me or have launcher settings gone, I can't get rid of that bloody stupid search bar now on the home screen.... ;)
  3. My One X has got scratches on the camera lens, I was worried that I was the only one that had. Not good news that it can be marked so easily, but glad to know I'm not the only one...
  4. Thanks for that, I did try it though because curiosity got the better of me :D ended up in a bootloop lol
  5. This may sound like a silly question, but will this only work on a CM9 rom. The reason I'm asking is that I've also got a Sensation XL that has a version of ICS on it (4.0.3) and I was just wondering whether it would work on a rom that wasn't specifically CM9...
  6. Thanks for this Paul, first thing I got was the 'cool wall' :) Love the fact that it thinks my phone is a Galaxy S2 as well
  7. low RAM - optimus2x disappointment

    No need to get funny, and yes I did read your previous post, I was only trying to say that there is other ways to find out what is running other than using a task killer and that task killers tend to be pretty much useless now because android manages the memory better than any task killer can, all task killers tend to do is shut down processes that will only get restarted again more or less straight away which results in higher battery use. Well if your 4 previous phones didn't have this problem I would hazard a guess that its very likely you that is doing something wrong, because I along with quite a few others on here don't have the problems you're mentioning....
  8. low RAM - optimus2x disappointment

    Well there you go then, thats probably why you're having problems... get rid of the task killer just like Stevvie says. There is other ways of finding out whats running with out having to use a task killer. Use Taskmanager by houmiak its free and shows you whats running and the amount of memory each app is using and the percentage of cpu its using too. Just read here on what task killers do... http://forum.xda-dev...6&postcount=144
  9. Get terminal emulator from the market and once youve opened it type mount and press return. It will tell you in there whether it is EXT3 or EXT4
  10. Nom nom tastes like 2X Gingerbread

    Damn it... Just got MIUI running nicely and Paul decides to do a Modaco GB online kitchen... aarrgghh... which means I'm going to have to try it out because Paul's roms have always been the most stable for me
  11. Nom nom tastes like 2X Gingerbread

    I totally agree with Jon.m.knight... especially the Alfa Romeo bit lol
  12. Before you install the rom use the tool found here http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-optimus-2x-2x-modaco-com/336318/4-apr-r1-backtoext3-for-converting-your-device-er-back-to-ext3/ using CWM Then flash the rom and everything should be ok
  13. I'm guessing as Benee generally does work for CM that it might only be CM based as CM7 runs on EXT3 too... correct me if I'm wrong (I'm sure there will be someone to do that lol)
  14. Well having had my hands on a SGS2 it feels a lot like a dummy phone u get in a phone shop, now I'm not trying to say that it's a crap phone, cos I know it's not, but to me it feels a lot too light and plastic.... Where as the O2X feels a little more solid in the hand athough I know Paul likes the SGS2 Paul has done a pretty fantastic job with this phone saying what he has had been given by LG and I've used his roms since I've had the phone and I think that this phone is snappy enough for every day use now and I think the only reason I'll change again is a decent 3d phone now....
  15. Not detectable on PC

    I had the same problem but I noticed that when i upgraded to a FR17 based rom (Blazing Dragon 1.8), the USB started to work again. So maybe thats something you should think about trying first...