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  1. Thanks for the rom, ist running very smooth. But is there a way to get the notificationpulldown working on the lockscreen? I used cm11 and really miss that feature now.
  2. I have exactly the same problems with my Y300 and CM11. I will revert back to 10.2.
  3. @ LLiLiTo Thanks, everything is working again. :)
  4. I just updated to the newest nightly and it broke my phone. I updated the recovery image and did a complete wipe and installed the nightly again. There is nothing like launcher? The screen is just black with the statusbar on top. I can go to the lockscreen and start apps, but there is no launcher?
  5. pulsomatic

    FirefoxOS (B2G) for low powered phones...

    I found time again to tinker around with my pulse. I got in touch with the people of the b2g project again and it requires a lot of work to get b2g running on the gingerbread base. The driver api changed alot from gb to ics. But the good news is, there is a working rom of ics available for the pulse. I didnt managed to go through a whole build process yet, but it seems very possible to create a running rom of b2g.
  6. pulsomatic

    FirefoxOS (B2G) for low powered phones...

    Yes, I already read it. But as far as I know It is the minimum requirement for the standard config script. I wont use that.
  7. pulsomatic

    FirefoxOS (B2G) for low powered phones...

    Sure, mozilla provides a great documentation about building and porting the b2g project. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Porting I didnt build it yet, but it reads like taking the drivers from android would do the thing.
  8. pulsomatic

    FirefoxOS (B2G) for low powered phones...

    Ive read a bit about porting B2G to the pulse and it doesnt seem impossible. I will try to port it.
  9. pulsomatic

    Latest official 2.1 rom (RBM2)

    @ Casterina Ive just flashed this rom and it uses swapper2, so yes. And I have a class2 sdcard. All other roms with swap were unstable as hell with this setup.
  10. pulsomatic

    Latest official 2.1 rom (RBM2)

    I have no rb boot animation, maybe try the second rom from this thread? @ Casterina Its runs a bit better than flb mod. Its the best rom out there for the pulse.(because everythings works and its very stable) And the best thing, I got rid of the sms bug.
  11. pulsomatic

    Latest official 2.1 rom (RBM2)

    Ive updated to adw launcher and its such a great rom. Probably the best ive ever used on the pulse. Everything works and it runs smooth like no other before. And I really like the tools swapper and linker.:mellow:
  12. pulsomatic

    Latest official 2.1 rom (RBM2)

    I post again. This is the md5 checksum of the zipfile 97acb5a33c33419b5df64124b43aae97 . Downloaded it twice and installed it some times, but it doesnt fix anything. (with wipe) Its the icon for the homescreen preview function, which is missing in the dockbar.
  13. pulsomatic

    Latest official 2.1 rom (RBM2)

    Hi, Ive just installed your rom and its working great. But the dockingbar is buggy, because one of the linked apps is missing, so there are just 4 of the 5 icons. The Youtubeapp is missing. And I cant download any app from the market, the download just wont start.