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  1. ZTE Racer v3 HELP!

    recovery mode just doesn't seem to do anything. i need help, thank you!
  2. I am trying to install rickys v3 rom on my ZTE Racer but I cannot do it. I have install universal androot and rom manager. It doesn't seem to work.
  3. ZTE Racer Debrand

    So it's safe?
  4. ZTE Racer Debrand

    Okay - I know now: * rename to update.zip * put the update.zip on your sd dont extract it * switch phone off and hold the vol- button and press the power button it will boot into recovery * in recovery click wipe data/factory reset * click apply sdcard:update.zip * once complete click reboot system now But what happens if I brick my phone? / How do I make a recovery rom? Someone please reply! Thanks.
  5. ZTE Racer Debrand

    Can you please give me instructions on how to install it?
  6. ZTE Racer Debrand

    Okay, does v3 have any bugs or anything not working?
  7. ZTE Racer Debrand

    So would the Three UK ROM debrand my racer? - http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-race...852-stock-roms/
  8. How do I debrand ZTE Racer? I am a beginner, my Racer is on 3. Thanks. :mellow: