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  1. HTC Desire Black Screen

    There are many reasons for blank screen,have you screen broken? for other reasons, for example ,you phone is mot connect very well, the temporaturen is high during using or there are some problems on the motherboard .
  2. If your home screen keeps restarting...

    maybe the connection of your phone has some problems
  3. You are right, getting a screen protector have no harm but can protect your screen. Why not coat you screen? As I know, GloablDirectParts supplies many kinds of screen protect but I am not sure if you can find the one you need on it.
  4. Samsung DROID Charge Review

    spammer ! :P
  5. HTC HD7 or HTC Desire S?

    I prefer to Desire S
  6. Battery stay at 4mV max

    you can set on your phone to save energy, but also your battery really has some problems and you know to repaire a battery is always not a good choice. chang one !
  7. Case for HTC Evo 4G

    That is cool. how do you guys find out the spammer?
  8. HTC Flyer Pre-Order

    HTC Flyer do have some highlights I have just encountered a interesting post from androidcommunity.com this morning. It is about HTC Flyer--the first portable Pad, It is enclosed some equisite pictures to illustrate the contest between HTC Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab. you can find out some highlights of HTC Fly from the interesting post. . :laugh: Share the amzing post with you guys. http://androidcommunity.com/forums/f8/can-...143/#post373070 EDIT awarner no need to post with large font (returned to normal size)
  9. Cconnector ribbon in screen snapped

    :P :) :unsure:
  10. Cconnector ribbon in screen snapped

    As I know, GlobalDirectParts has a lot of take apart vidoes on their website, you can have a look! :unsure:
  11. Cconnector ribbon in screen snapped

    change a new flex ribbon
  12. :mellow: :o haha , This is really a hit to these who are eagerly look forward to the Motorala Droid 3 just like me. It is really a a surprise packet. Amazing news! thanks give to the starter.