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  1. If it was an RGB LED...
  2. I use Apex launcher. Well It's butter smooth on my S and it's looks stock'ish.
  3. Well every SE dumbphone's fw is compatible with some other's one lol. There are alot more examples.
  4. I might get an Advent Vega too.
  5. Official? Don't think so... Quallcomm didn't even release libs for ARMv6, that are suitable for manufacturers not casual dev's. There is no official support for ICS for ARMv6.
  6. Never use CF3D if it's not needed, use GB roms, because they are better at games (Well For SGS and should be for Blade), use faster SD cards (It does cause lags sometimes), don't use task killers, Install V6 Supercharger script, Overclock damnit.
  7. Wait for the Galaxy S3. SHould be priced like Galaxy Nexus and will have a big community.
  8. Mine did when I loaded it alot (benchmarks, games...) and I was an OC fanatic . Well it heated at about 40 celsius, not a pleasant experience, but It was fine.
  9. My uncle who told about the Blade is 41. And he is an IT specialist and Android fanatic. We get along well :D
  10. It's pretty weak then. Adreno 205 would have been a great thing, because my bro wants a smartphone.
  11. I don't have balls to do it that high lol
  12. I wonder what kind of GPU it has...
  13. Well It lags on my SGS which is twice as fast. Don't get your hopes that high. But I didn't OC it and didn't use CF3D
  14. As a ex Blader I can vote too. I am almost 17. And my cousin which has a Blade is 12.
  15. Hi everyone. As you may know I sold my Blade (50 pounds -.-) and got an Xperia play and now I will get a mint Galaxy S as a replacement(Desire HD was another choice, but it's condition is not really good), because the Play was defective. Yes, I know the Galaxy S has flaws, but It's fast, has ALOT of ICS rom's, a huge community, AMOLED screen is just fantastic (I had an OLED Blade and loved it) and will not rip my pocket apart. Thank you all for support. Thank you for all the time spent on our Blade's, for those great ROM's, kernel's and mods. Sadly I'll have to move to XDA. But I will come here time to time.

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