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  1. Weird charging issue

    Already swapped the boards over because the speaker broke on the other one! Thanks for your help anyway.
  2. Weird charging issue

    Hi Fonz, sent you the dmesg logs, had to copy and paste, couldn't see an option to attach files!
  3. Weird charging issue

    I've got a second y300 here which has a cracked screen so not in use. I've put the battery in that and it's charging fine. I'm going to charge it to 100% then switch it back and see what percentage it reads on my handset, and if it still gives strange percentages.
  4. Weird charging issue

    Thanks, just tried that, no difference. I'm starting to think it's a hardware issue but I don't understand how it could be detecting the charger but still not charging!! Runs fine while plugged in but hovers around the 50% mark. When I unplugged this morning, it dropped to 44% immediately then I used k9 mail for literally 2 minutes and it then hit 13% and gave me a "connect your charger" message. I'm stumped on this one tbh!!
  5. Weird charging issue

    Tried 3 chargers, reinstalled ROM with full wipe, fixed permissions, cleared cache and dalvik, everything I could think of! Battery % seems random, going from 53 to 44 then up to 51 as I'm typing this! Now its 52!? Plugging in will wake the phone too. I would like to clear battery stats but twrp doesn't have the option. Properly stuck here!
  6. Hi all, don't know what's happened but I plug in my y300 and get no charge animation or notification led. Phone is showing around 50% all the time,not gaining or losing charge when plugged in. I'm scared to unplug in case it runs to zero and won't start up again. Help!
  7. Mega on mobile is a nightmare I've found, I use Firefox with mega add on enabled. Opera also works but you'll struggle with anything else (unless the sites changed recently!)
  8. Herrdeh, try navfree for maps, works offline so much quicker than Google maps, not sure if it will work with network location though??
  9. Is there an easy way to remove gapps without reflashing rom? Replacing all my apps takes forever!
  10. Regarding ram issues with gapps, has anyone tried 'disable service' or 'my android tools'? Fonz, I'm using your cm10.1 and my ram has increased from ~50mb to ~130mb using my android tools and disabling as detailed on xda thread. Might be worth a look?
  11. I've googled a few different settings for v4a, none make any difference at all.
  12. I have the same issue, tried most roms for y300, all have very low volume. V4a doesn't help at all. I've even fitted a new speaker and still the same. I think audio libs may be the issue as it is a bit better in cm 10.1
  13. Just burn a Linux distro to cd, or better, USB flash drive. Boot into a live session and work from there, no need to touch your existing windows partition. Regarding resize2fs, done a bit of searching and it looks fraught with danger, rather you than me!
  14. Hi all, I've got a problem on fusion x reborn i've never encountered before. My media volume stops increasing half way up the scale. It never reaches full volume. I'm not sure if it's a driver issue with v4a, or the audio libs, or something else entirely! It's driving me mad, I never hear my ringtone and keep missing calls - y300 volume is low anyway so you can imagine how quiet it is now! Please help!! Edit: I would have posted in fusion x thread but there's not much activity there anymore, please move the thread if necessary! Thanks
  15. Strange, tried banks gapps first, lag was awful. Then tried without gapps at all and got reboots and freezes everywhere, battery pull required twice, I ended up restoring my fusion x reborn backup!