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  1. Somebody would have to sacrifice himself and try :rolleyes: , but our blades msm7227 runs under a higher voltage in a stock odys space at 800 mhz, which could again be even further overclocked. And 800+ mhz sounds nice to me B)
  2. Hi all, Would be great if somebody would make a Kernel with overvolted CPU, to be able to overclock the cpu even further, in some cases a little bit more power would be great xD. Thanks
  3. Try "blade wifi fix" turns wifi off-on automatically when you turn your screen on. just takes some seconds. Or put Wifi Options to never shut down, but drains battery a lot.
  4. format system and wipe cache+dalvik and reinstall cm7 or try to just flash another kernel from here forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1485445
  5. OC means making CPU faster, UC means making the phone slower. OV means giving CPU more maximal energy (higher voltage) to be able to OC higher, UV means giving the CPU less maximal energy, you can less OC. UV is NOT the opposite of OC. It would be great if DB could make an OV kernel so I could OC to maybe even 800 MHZ
  6. Backup your apps + data with for example mybackup root. Than go into clockworkmod and do a data wipe (factory reset + dalvik cache) restart phone and restore only apps you really need.
  7. Skate in Germany

    Don't check this page :D It's officially announced to cost for sure less than 250, maybe 200 I don't know and if there's a 1 ghz arm7 cpu. It would be good for the price.
  8. Let's make an own thread for CM7 with new kernel. Could someone please give me the link because I can't find it?
  9. Blade+ and Blade II

    For ZTE: If ZTE thinks less people will buy Blade+ or Blade2, if they release Kernel Source. It's NOT true. The mainstream don't cares about custom roms (80%) The 20%, who install custom roms, wouldn't buy a Blade+ if you don't release source code for their Blades. Most of these people are Geeks. Custom Roms are a lot of work, making AND installing.
  10. Medion showed the Skate last week at the IFA in Berlin. http://www.androidnext.de/news/ifa-2011-medion-smartphone/ Medion wants the price to be under 250 Euro. It will be selled at Aldi and Hofer.
  11. Why it's illegal to download the free armv6 games. I can't play the armv7, so why should I buy them? The credits go to the people who ported the game to armv6. If you get a game for free in the market, which is a payable iOS app, ported from another author, it's not illegal, when the original iOS author don't want to port it to Android.
  12. The list is great, for knowing from which armv7 games versions for our blades exists.
  13. Source codes

    I think we should put a little bit of pressure on ZTE :D. The Skate is on sale for almost three weeks and I hope that ZTE is hurrying on publishing the source codes. I'm up to buy a Galaxy S but don't know if I should wait for the Skate. One important point for me are custom roms and the support from the manufacturer. And for the community: If you don't make pressure, you will get NO overclocking in Ginger Stir Fry, you will get NO better battery perfomance in CM7, NO smoother scrooling and NOT a more stable CM7.
  14. With governer at performance maybe you have to go down one at clock speed, and have a bigger battery consumption, but the speed is still significantly higher.