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  1. flashed slim rom on phone recently very slow takes time to load things. would changing partiton size make differnece at the moment have 160mb left of that 22mb free. or should i just flash a gingerbread rom
  2. a newbie question will 160mb partition be ok for this i know it says rom fits on 150mb but is it good to have some spare space
  3. i have an advent vega at the moment but was wondering is a 7 inch tablet any good for reading pdfs as i think vega is big. been looking at nook color also read nook color 2 out soon all i need is to read pdfs and net now and then
  4. delboy13

    can't download with market

    yes i put on modded stock1.10 first will try to reflash later
  5. delboy13

    can't download with market

    i,ve just bought a advent vega flashed with vegacomb 1.7 and when i try using market to download app it says error processing purchase i cleared cache and am logge into gmail if helps