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  1. I think an update as you have provided above is good, just makes people understand things are moving fast and in the right direction.
  2. Agree with ScutulatusCrotalus no point really having this thread open, until Daz has updates. Makes me question the purpose, we all like to play with incremental updates, this is part of the fun and adds to the community. When this is released with no bugs - great we've all been waiting and appreciated the work gone in, but would be nice to flash stuff along the way and understand progress and feel a bit more worthy!
  3. Daz - Would be nice to get a update on where you are with this ROM from the horses mouth as the opening post hasn't been updated for a while (please can you update the OP). Not all of us are that technical to understand github or have the time to read the whole tread. Thanks
  4. Daz, There seems to be a lot of anticipation about something being put out today for whatever reason. Can you just confirm nothing is going to be release tonight, then we can all stop checking every 5 mins and go a do something productive. Thanks Cool
  5. Use this http://www.modaco.com/topic/355911-rom-ics-b927-clock-work-mod-flashable-zip/
  6. cddt

    Imei Problem

    Thank Hogweed. Your information explains my problems, don't think I saw anywhere about different radios. Full update packages are now hanging, so need to try the bootloader tricks. One for tomorrow I think! Thanks @RicardoABCosta
  7. cddt

    Imei Problem

    I found similar and I don't know why. if I install any ROM other than b927 my imei is blank therefore no network, no restores work. So i'm stuck with b927 atm! I think my problem is caused by upgrading from stock (when I got the phone) straight to b927.
  8. cddt

    Imei Problem

    Got the same problem. but the password for the "Background open setting is not "0" on b882. What rom did you use to set?
  9. Stupid me has no IMEI on the phone and didn't make a backup. Following this tutorial but when it come to entering the password it says 0 (tried 0, 0000, 1111, 9999, 1234) is incorrect. Any one any ideas, or other suggestion on how I can get or set the IMEI. I have no CWM backups. All I did was install b927 over stock rooted and updated bootloader??!! I do have a 5irom backup from another g300 but don't want to use this as may cause problem on O2.