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  1. Any hints on restoring 360 screen rotation. It was in earlier versions and now using the g300 as a sat av, charging from above. Is it a build.prop type change ?
  2. Thanks. I have found that llama will switch airplane mode successfully, but only when it is the first action linked to the event. If not, it will lock up
  3. Has anybody used llama to switch to airplane mode? I find llama seems to suffer permission problems when this action is called It works perfectly using stock/infusion.
  4. Touch version not working for me. Backup seems ok, though it drops back to the hat logo at the end. Any attempt to restore gives an md5 error. [ thanks for all the efforts on the Rom ]
  5. red321z

    New BBC Media Player APP

    Reboot then video works fine.
  6. Thanks, miss read it as 22/8 ota would work .......ota :-)
  7. red321z

    Case for Huawei G300

    Thanks for reply. Jumped to 3.99 + 5.00 P&P while I had it in my basket !, so decided to look else where.
  8. red321z

    Case for Huawei G300

    Ebay version explicitly states "free screen protector" but is out of Stock. The Amazon "version" from the same seller doesnt mention a screen protector. Did yours from Amazon come with one ? Thanks
  9. Any idea why this is a "Secret" Went into 2 orange shops in Cambridge, and neither had anything displayed about a special deal, similarly no price change on the web. I understand a retention deal, but why sell a phone cheaply, if the only way you get the price is by attempting to buy it at 149 ???????
  10. Check my posts . You will find that your blade is not sleeping properly, or is only asleep half the time when.in 2g mode. It is operator dependant hence the change when roaming. On 3g mode blade sleeps 90/ of the time . I didn't find a fix
  11. Rather an old ( but usefull ) thread. Just wanted to add that I have found that my Network provider, BTMobile which is a virtual provider using Vodafone network in the UK, for some ( yet to be determined) reason causes my blade to keep waking from deep sleep in 2G mode. Even though 2G has a stronger signal, the wakes use more power than 2G saves. This is a network / SIM thing, nothing to do with phone settings. Orange SIM / Network for instance doesn't exhibit this behavior. So worth checking 2G is actually saving you battery.
  12. There are obvious simple fixes, like don't use 2G mode / Don't use my SIM card, but I would really appreciate understanding this,as it is really bugging me. Attached are logcats of 4 1 min "sleep" states between pressing the power button, and 1 min later pressing it again. The phone was sequentially: BTMobile SIM - GSM 16:42 - 3G 16:44 Orange SIM - GSM 16:53 - 3G 16:55 In all configurations the phone was a clean install of GSF b19, with only Titanium backup and catlog installed. Same behavior as previously mentioned, Deep sleep 90% + in 3 cases, but 60/40 wake/sleep when GSM mode chosen on BTMobile SIM So for the remains of my sanity, could somebody have a look at the traces and tell me whats going on ? BTMobile_GSM_nosleep.zip
  13. To reply to my own topic, I have now cycled through 2.1 Orange Stock and 2.2 SS on Gen1, and 2.2 SS/ 2.3 GSF on Gen2. Thought it might be the Radio Firmware. Results are all the same, lots of wiping and clean installs. In ALL case GSM mode (data OFF) when in sleep seems to spend about 60% time at minimum clock speed for the ROM, and 40% of the time in deep sleep. WCDMA/3G mode (data OFF) in sleep seems to spend <10% time a minimum clock speed for the ROM, and 90% plus in deep sleep. So you lose battery either to the processor or the radio, you choose :-(. Or put it in airplane mode and all is good, but kind of limits your connectivity ...... EDIT:- Aaargh. After a week of messing, I have found that it is SIM card/Network dependent. I have 2 Orange 2 Vodafone and a "3" Sim in the family. The two Vodafone SIMS exhibit this behavior, but the orange ones don't ( and 3 doesn't do GSM ). All get good signal here, so must be something more subtle. Might be another reason why people see differing power usage.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I wasn't sure whether Mr pig fish was telling me I had gen1 memory layout, or gen1 firmware. So what does the baseband version mean then ??