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  1. TOP Vega Games

    Works fine on the Vega. Shame its a mind-numbingly boring game. Visuals are stunning, but controls are terrible, most levels follow almost exactly the same sequence, and the controls tend to make the bosses a little difficult. Maybe connecting up a bluetooth controller (PS3?) would improve things, but as it stands I'd be loathe to recommend the game to anyone.
  2. Viable alternative to the Vega?

    A review ..... http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/tablets/hannspree-hannspad-930455/review?artc_pg=4 Comes over as quite good, but at that time overpriced. Now its almost half its original price, so possibly a good purchase.
  3. advent vega ala xbox 360 eye and ps3 eye

    You could probably do something like the PS Eye Toy, but thats little more than a webcam, and for the most part the Eye Toy is just that - a toy, its a fairly useless device. The 360 Kinect is totally different - that does depth detection, infrared imaging and a bunch of other clever stuff .... definitely not possible with just a regular camera.
  4. Advent Vega?

    That sounds about normal. I've only occasionally seen a Vega on the shelf with power, and even then they had nothing installed to demonstrate its abilities, compared to the iPad and Xooms on show with plenty of alluring applications. I was very definitely lucky with mine - only bought a couple of weeks back, dropped into our local Currys, they had one in stock .....
  5. Advent - exciting news

    It may be exciting, just possibly held back with negotiations and NDAs until it can be formally announced.
  6. Try to drill down from tablets, to the vega - click on it and you get a "wonderful" screen listing it as no longer being available, and its not available for home delivery. Although their site is famously bad for not being kept updated.
  7. video playback

    So far I've had the Vega (Corvus 5/SP1) playing 720p MP4 files (taken on my mobile), and regular Xvid (.avi) files. Although I've had a few MP4 files that wouldn't play, the majority of Xvid files are absolutely perfect. And out of interest, would definitely recommend the mVideoPlayer app on the market - truly excellent application, clean and effective interface, with a slick fast forward and rewind method.
  8. can I download torrents straight to my vega?

    That sounds pretty slow - on our 12meg Sky connection we can regularly see up to 1.2Mbps. The main Ubuntu laptop at home got corrupted part way through the upgrade to 11.01, so put tTorrent (lite) on the Vega, downloaded fine.
  9. app to turn vega into digital photo frame?

    Probably no worse than your average 10" photoframe. I've been using QuickPic, which is a nice and simple gallery with playback features.
  10. Top Ten Apps to Showcase a Vega

    Agreed on the THD games - I've got Ripride, Bang Bang Racing, Samurai II, Guerilla Bob, My First Train Set - all look stunning. And only because it looks funky - Fishbowl Photo Gallery. Its also pretty funky using video playback to demonstrate - some videos of the kids taken on my Nokia N8 (which really does have one of the best cameras on a mobile), played on the Vega look absolutley stunning. Vivid colours, smooth motion.
  11. TOP Vega Games

    T Racer HD works real well, although not quite as slick as any iteration of Wipeout, its still a good game.
  12. Advent - exciting news

    Hey, you never know ... Advent themselves don't appear to have done much in the way of development, but as it stands everyone could stop releasing roms and it wouldn't matter that much - sure, it owuld be nice to always have the latest releases, but the Vega is already good enough for most uses - its not lacking anything obvious in the hardware stakes. Maybe a 1280x800 screen (with gorilla glass?), thinner, more ram, HC, GPS ..... and keep the price the same. Hehe, gotta dream.
  13. Advent - exciting news

    I'd reckon its more like to be an official HC release, or something along those lines - remember that Advent aren't actually a manufacturer as such, they just rebrand/mildly mod other peoples hardware (be it laptops, desktops or tablets). Hope its an official release, although as it stands with the Corvus5 roms, the Vega is a cracking little bit of kit.
  14. Anyone running Galaxy On Fire 2

    Likewise, Corvus5, no overclock - all running perfectly.
  15. Advent vega future?

    The Android VM is clever, but thats the point at which you may as well ask "why bother having a playbook if its only going to be running Android apps?". I played with one in CPW, and it did look nice, it was smooth, but it seemed pretty pointless.