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  1. Goodbye Liquid (((

    Goodbye Liquid! Long live to you and Your Shiny Custom ROM's! I bought Sony ZR in exchange.
  2. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

  3. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    I know about disabling sensors. I tested this a year ago. If sensor is off, but Sanity is working, phone drains more battery, than without Sanity. Not much, for 2% bigger.
  4. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    But Sanity drains more battery, than stock app...
  5. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    Hi to every one. Sorry for my English. Some posts ago, I disinform you about my battery life with this ROM: my battery life is over ((( I found that out when charging begins with 60% and in 10 minutes became 100% . Full discharging now happens for 10 or 12 hours((( I bought new battery 12$, it will come before 6 of August. After that, I want to do some new tests with CatLog and BatteryStats. Anyway, I have got another annoying problem: when you received missed call while you are talking, if you want to end your current call you brought your phone away from ear, but screen still black. May be proximity or light sensor does not work. Has anyone got this kind of bug? In normal situation when you brought your phone away from ear one of the sensors works and screen became visible and operative.
  6. Hi! Link is dead. Can anyone give me new link for this ROM?
  7. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

  8. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    Yes, it's possible, but I have tested t&l ROM some days ago and I get 53 hours phone life with 4 hours speaking till this period of 53 hours life. My battery still in good shape.
  9. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    Thks for reply. I'll try to figure out what can I do with apps by there settings...
  10. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    All right, but what can You do with WakeUps? Can you or someone else disable wakeups for Mail.apk or any other, that must not wake up my phone, when mobile data is off? It will give us some more lifetime on our devices. Nowadays my Liquid lives only 12 hours, if I am not switching mobile data off, or 36 hours, when mobile data off and I only speaks 2 hours in this 36 hours. But, when I have had an t&l ROM (old Russian rom) installed on my Liquid, it was around 53 hours without mobile data. But at this ROM if I switched mobile data on and off after a while there will be a huge battery drain and my device lives only 12 hours. I need to restart phone without mobile data to get more lifetime to it. It's so annoying...
  11. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    I'll post you some logs at evening. With mobile data on and with mobile data off. There'll be a lot of difference. I have not used GPS at all. EDIT1: First log, HUGE battery drain... Activity: Just some ICQ answers. some sms veiws, no incoming calls, no browsing. EDIT2: I have not used Maps at all all the time, for the first Log and for the Second. I have cancelled Sending a GPS info to Google. EDIT3: Here is my night logs without mobile data. I think, that mail.apk must synchronize Only when Sync is active, like GMAIL. Another way, it's a huge wakeup Master ))) BetterBatteryStats-2013-06-20_155011697.txt BetterBatteryStats-2013-06-21_090106510.txt
  12. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    I'm using standart PowerWidget. Look at my last post. What about that kind of apps? EDIT1: After swithing Mobile Data AND GPS off, in Kernel Wakelock I can see GPS wakes for 2% of battery. EDIT2: Logs are in attachment. BetterBatteryStats-2013-06-20_130836439.txt
  13. [ROM] CyanMobile X - V2

    Hi, devs, where are you?
  14. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    This happens every time or through once. But, if you restart your phone with MobileData Off, deepsleeping returns after restart and working normaly until you swith MobileData On and Off. Point me, please, where can I get BetterBatteryStats for free? Edit1: If it's http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1179809 - a have found it my self. Edit2: Battery unpluged for 1 hour. State is 86%. MobileData On, ICQ started From BBS (BetterBatteryStats): Kernel wakelocks: PowerManagerService - 36%, DATA5 - 11% Partial wakelocks: ICQ - 30%, ActivityManager-Launch - 8% Alarms: ICQ - 4 times, android wakeup - 3 times CPU Stats: 49% 245MHz, 40% DeepSleep.
  15. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    What about Mobile Data Transfer? Has it been active all 10 hours? EDIT1: Just for remembering, my issue was: "3. Some times, ROM is not going to deep sleep after you switch Mobile data on and off."