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    Broken digitizer?

    Okay, guys, more problems coming up... I ordered a digitzer yesterday, so hopefully I'll get this matter fixed, but well... The power button of the phone also seems to have broken. And I'm not talking about the plastic one that's on the back cover of the device - I'm talking about the tiny black thing that's on the mainboard. It started malfunctioning at first, and right now it works as if it's constantly being held down. Any chance I could fix that myself? I'm pretty sure the mechanism is dead, so I'd need to get a new one. I got the phone from eBay and I'm pretty sure there's no warranty for it.
  2. neethree

    Broken digitizer?

    Well, it's the San Francisco version. Does that change anything?
  3. So I dropped my phone on the street yesterday, and unfortunately the glass seems to have cracked. The screen itself is fully functional, which makes me wonder if this is repairable. I've looked around a bit and found out it may have been the digitizer, which is quite inexpensive and easy to replace, but I'd rather ask for help here before attempting anything. I know it's low quality... I'll post a high def one tomorrow morning. Thank you in advance!
  4. Installed and everything works like a charm! Thanks again!
  5. I just rolled back to the oldest version of ClockworkMod and guess what. It worked! I'll probably upgrade to Gen 2 now or attempt to flash an older version of CM7. Either way, thanks a bunch for helping me out! I will re-post when I'm done with this.
  6. Will that fix my Clockwork Mod problem? I mean, is it safe, or is there a chance of a brick?
  7. If I recall correctly, only the versions produced after the current one will be exclusively for gen 2 phones.
  8. Hello everyone. Up until last night I was running on Swedish Spring RLS5 nice and dandy when I decided to flash CM7. It didn't go well, and I found myself looping through android logo for quite a time until I recovered my old build using CWM Recovery. A friend of mine suggested I updated the version before trying again (since I was on 3.0.6 (or something)) and so I did using the ROM manager. Well, that didn't fix anything; in fact, now I can't even boot on recovery mode. I tried fixing permissions and rolling back to 3.0.6, but none of this gave me access back to recovery. Whether I chose to backup my ROM, reboot into recovery through the software, or manually by holding Power + Vol-, it'll only restart the system (or loop me on the android logo until I release the buttons). Any ideas? All help appreciated. Thanks.