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  1. zombimuncha

    Mobile Broadband on a Budget (or FREE!)

    I'm using an MNVO called Vizz. It runs on Voda's infrastructure, and I get 10MB free per day as long as I keep my prepay balance over £2. Sweet deal!
  2. is Camera ZOOM FX any good on the Blade? the main thing I'm hoping it might fix is the glacial delay between pushing the button and the photo actually being taken. I just found out about the sale today - was out of internet range the whole time :-(
  3. zombimuncha

    Best practice for hot-swapping USB drives?

    thanks Xathras, that option is well hidden! I thought it was suspicious that I didn't see an "unmount" button anywhere. I never thought to look for it in Settings. The word "settings" implies that once you've done your setup it's set up, and you don't need to go back in there. Anyway further tweakage leads me to believe that the trick is to also exit out of any app that was accessing the USB drive, before unmounting it. It still nags about "an app that was using the card may be unusable until the card is remounted", but this way it lets you remount the card later without rebooting. So the "Drive Mount" app the come with VegaComb seems to be basically useless, and switching back and forth between peripheral and host mode acheives nothing. cheers!
  4. Hi all, would anybody care to post a set of best practices / procedures for hot-swapping USB drives on VegaComb? (3.2 9n update3) I have a little USB SD card reader that I use to transfer photos from my Canon camera to the tablet. I have several SD cards (full size, not micro) but none are as big as the microSD in my Vega, so the Vega should be a good place to store the photos, wipe the camera card, then shoot some more. I'm finding, however, that if I swap the SD cards around too much the Vega stops being able to read them and requires a reboot before it will read any card again. The procedure I'm currently following is: - use shuttletools to set USB to peripheral mode - connect USB card reader with card already inside it - switch to host mode - open file manager (ES) and copy files from /mnt/USB/systemusb/ to the internal microSD card - switch back to peripheral mode - unplug card reader from USB port - swap cards in card reader while unplugged - repeat It seems if I ever insert the same SD card twice the Vega will not read it, and will complain about "damaged SD card, you may need to format it" After rebooting the Vega I can again read all SD cards, once each. So is that a good procedure to follow? Are the any unnecessary steps in there? Is there a way I can hotswap any USB drives I want, in any sequence, without rebooting? Do I need that "Drive Mount" app at all? It doesn't seem to do much beyond moving the card readers mount point from /mnt/USB/systemusb/ to /mnt/sda1/ and back. thanks! ZM
  5. is CAE 1.3 gonna brick my gen1 OSF? do i need to flash it to gen2 first? the first post now says gen1 is supported, but the file download still calls itself ...gen2, and I've not seen any further comments one way or the other. I'm being cautious....
  6. I ordered my set of 3 screen protectors on 24th of May, have heard nothing since. John, PM me for ebay transaction ID if needed. Where's my stuff?
  7. missing from these lists of APN settings is Dialog Vizz, a UK "Virtual" network (like Tesco etc) running on Vodafones infrastructure . Their APN settigns are as follows: APN: gprsconnect.com Username: <blank> Password: <blank>
  8. works for me with new OSF bought yesterday.