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  1. hendoschouten

    The limits of Google’s openness

    Which one is the pot and which one is the Kettle? It is always a shame when business and making money gets in the way of us techies and consumers having fun.
  2. hendoschouten

    A quick look at iOS 7 Beta.

    Good overview mate - top read - thanks!
  3. hendoschouten

    Custom ROMs Vs Stock ROM

    I guess I like customs ROMs 'cause I like messing about with my phones and trying to get the most out of them. I like both Paul's ROMs and Cyanogen's however if you use Cyanogen's I am not too sure if you can use the FM Radio or the HDMI out??? Definitely looking forward to MoDaCo's take on LG's 2.3 when it *eventually* hits the Intertubes.