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    Huawei G300 CM10+ OSF - CM10
  1. Fagulhas & Dazzozo thank you.Super rom. Bug - do not setup their own notifications and announcements . So set go, but the phone is not play..
  2. hot spot me works ok.but only without security - free. Thanks for CM10 Daz & FAL Happy New Year
  3. does not work in a gallery setting .anyone else ?
  4. beautiful work .thanks for the rom. bug - not work portable hot spot wi- fi .
  5. Thank Dazzozo .super work. I was not everything now works / TV apk , wifi , volume during a call .. /
  6. Hello there.I installed according to instructions.Of S3 and then from B937/several times/.Both have baseband version 2030. After installing CM9 data do not , can not see sim card and setting the baseband unknown.What to do?Excuse my English/google translator/
  7. power + volume up + menu not screen is not responding. it is still green man on it. not start clockwork - I can not use the method of TPT. PC method is ok. Finally, it is rebooting. and others only an android doll. Excuse my English- google translator
  8. I'm sorry. I thought the menu.
  9. but my phone does not respond to the power / volume up or the power / volume up / home
  10. and how do I do if clockword not start?
  11. defects: starting the phone was ok but I was not responding display.preinstal rom other SS orig, including orange, wipe, etc. to no avail. I already knew how to board and tried everything possible and I did this. clockwork and run in it sought redress. There is a choice of files in the boot, system, data .... I formatted it all / I thought the phone completely cleaned and loaded everything again and thereby get rid of error display. And now phone does not boot or even start running clockwork and not even a PC using FTM ??!!! with or without a flashlight. connection with a PC card ne.s yes and no. they felt the only shining green. doll and laughed at me. Tel. SF - Gen1 - TFT Thanks for the advice! / sorry for my English - Google Translator / hi yanda