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  1. Basically I'm pretty happy with everything about the Moto E aside from the lack of removable battery and flash. I would pay another €10-20 for these features. I've considered getting an external flash but to get a decent one I may as well be getting the G. Is there anything similar that offers similar specs? I'm particularly impressed by the battery life of the E.
  2. Basically I cannot access Play Store therefore I cannot install any apps. I have it rooted and CWM installed but I do not have a way of flashing an apk. I've seen some tutorials on creating a flashable zip but it looks messy. Does anyone have a Google Play Services flashable zip?
  3. i've tried 2 batteries with it. same problem.
  4. Back to locking up again. I have no idea.
  5. I tried the Matrix ROM - it worked very well for a hours, then it started locking up again. Back on stock ROM, which seems to have found itself to being stable atm. I'm just hoping to get the phone in serviceable condition to last me until my birthday next month.
  6. restored stock rom and (presumably) the bootloder along with it. no difference. what could be causing this?
  7. Tried the Matrix ROM as heard it might help with speed issues. Same problem. Constant siezing up, phone effectively useless. I suspect this could be a bootloader issue.
  8. Basically I've been having all sorts of problems with my G300. I was having similar issues with the Stock ROM, then the Lightning ROM(or whatever the newer version of that is) so I tried CM9 which seemed to work for the most part. Except now it's also freezing up - except when USB is connected. Then it works perfectly smooth and fine. What could be causing this? It can freeze for minutes on end. I am thinking that maybe it could be some bizarre battery issue, I might try it with another battery.
  9. [ICS] [4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9.1 [ROM]

    Just installed, stuck on boot screen. Been at this all day trying to get the rom to install in the first place, really mad now.
  10. Ascend G300 extremely slow

    I have the stock rom and it doesn't work at all well
  11. I've installed the latest offiical rom and I'm still finding that it's extremely extremely slow. It can take up to a minute for anything to happen, half the apps keep crashing. It's extremely unstable. I have a similar version of Android on m,y Nook tablet and it's super stable, I actually enjoy using skype on it whereas I never would with my phone. I'm considering picking up a new phone at some point but right now that's not financially viable. Has anyone else found this phone can become almost unusable? Is it the ROM? What has the best performance?
  12. I've only had this particular phone for half a year and it's already slowed to a halt. It is immensely sluggish to use, I often find myself pulling out my Tablet and using it instead, though this requires turning on the WiFi Hotspot which doesn't work well either. I'm not sure what's causing it, I'm using what I think is the latest android build for this phone. It's ALSO running out of space constantly and I'm not sure what to do. Anyone else found this happening? especially with the wifi hotspot not working correctly.
  13. Just got a new phone, and am getting the same error when I try to root the phone. What is wrong?