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  1. Lion's Fury 2.3.7 V4 (12/11/11) Released!

    looks nice there is one problem the two download links of the rom and the update are the same. And it is not from the rom only the update..
  2. [DEV-ROM] TripNRom - Iris 001.233.D.B71

    How is the battery life of this rom??
  3. I have the same problem and that is not only by miui player it is by every player... Also by internet radio. When i listen to internet radio and i go to the browser gives FC
  4. Wow how you do that ... Highest for me is 1488 :(
  5. He Trip, Thanks for the hard work... This is one of the best roms ever that i try. Much better than 1.5 that was so laggy but now 1.5.1 works great...