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  1. haha lol my bad i tried it now it worked guess it was a 1 time problem lol
  2. link can someone reupload pls?
  3. when i try to root it doesnt work it says something like not permissable or something
  4. Lol
  5. Yh its win7 I've tried both 7 and 8
  6. this is what happens
  7. i extracted it to fibblessans folder
  8. yeah i did use setup.bat
  9. hi guys one last problem when i press 35 the aio tool just stays on daemon started successfully is it meant to be like that
  10. No actually my computer spazed out and yeah it was urgent because as I said I am crap when it comes to tech so yeah and I got this phone as a gift and its my third phone cos my iphone 4 sucked so I switched to android
  11. Hey when it comes to technology I'm crap okay lol why else did I put urgent
  12. once ive downloaded the stock pack how do i install it?
  13. You did it!! the phone is fixed!!!!!!! you guys r awesome!!!! now about rooting? :D lol jokes
  14. Thanks I'll try it
  15. see all of the other folders are empty is it meant to be like that

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