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  1. Hi - with Ovivo and I'm having a problem backup up the APN settings - its mildly annoying to have to input the settings every time I upgrade CyanogenMod 10.1. None of the APN backup apps on Play seem to work with this version - any ideas?
  2. I can't get the voice search to work, it is installed but I keep getting "didn't catch that. Try speaking again." within a fraction of a second of pressing the icon on the keyboard. This problem has been mentioned on other cyanogenmod mods without a solution so is anyone else having this issue.
  3. Thanks to Sata_Cimi I've done a full battery calibration again - I did this for Swedish Snow - didn't realise I'd have to do this again but it has made a fantastic difference until I switch on wifi!
  4. Hi I charged my blade last night, took it off charge and went to bed. Just gone to use it now and battery is at 42% at just under 14 hours. Mobile standby is at 58%, phone idle is 33% and screen at 10%, wifi, data use etc is all switched off. Under Swedish Snow I could get 2 -3 days use out of the Bade - is this normal? I'm using SmartAss2 on CM10.1, pretty sure I used this under Swedish Snow.
  5. Fantastic, Thanks [email protected] and Crazzy-boy anyone any ideas on installing Car Home or should I be looking at an alternative car route planner?
  6. Hi I'm new to CM10.1 from Swedish Snow - no winges or whines from me - just questions looking for solutions. :) I had Car Home by Google in SS - I now can't install this from the Play Store as its not compatible. Is there any way round this? Really liked this as its free and easy to use. I also appear to be missing Superuser, No-frills CPU control and VM Heap Tool - are these no longer required in CM10.1 or should I install them. I've read in a previous post to switch to smartassv2 governor - cant work out how to do this unless I install CPU control.
  7. Well I've now got CM10.1 and had 1 automatic reboot today - think all comments relating to this should now be in the CM10.1 thread.
  8. Finally solved this. :D :D :D :D :D To everyone who thinks they've got a gen 2 Blade after installing Swedish Snow because "Mr Pigfish" tells them they have, go here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1258855 and download the Gen1-to-Gen2-TPT-v10-custom.zip This solves the Update from T-Flash card! error! error! error! message. Can't believe no one solved this before!!! So I've now got CyanogenMod 10 for ZTE Blade...... This is gonna take some getting used to! Going to posting lots of questions in the CyanogenMod 10 now for stuff that appears to be missing from Swedish Snow.
  9. I've only got one working microsd card - I have tried in the past reformatted and tried again tonight - still get the Update from T-Flash card! error! (repeating) message in green that quite a few people have posted about but so far there is no solution.
  10. That is the reason - I did try updating but get an "Update from T-Flash card! error! (repeating) message in green. I've checked the MD5 and it matches. Unless I've missed a topic when I've been searching most people posting this same problem don't have a solution. I don't have any other SD cards to try but I can reboot fine back into Swedish Snow.
  11. Peetu20, Thanks - I'm only down to one reason now ;-)
  12. Hi SoonDead I've been on Swedish Snow for over a year - its a great rom and does exactly what I need and was an easy TPT install. A big thanks to KonstaT for this. 2 things put me off upgrading to all the various versions CM10 - as you've said its not final. Also it looks a heck of a lot more complicated to install (ie more things to go wrong) I'm sure I'll be "corrected" on this but until a version of CM10 comes along thats a full TPT install I'll stick with Swedish Snow.
  13. sontarasan

    ZTE Blade III now available in the UK

    Looking forward to orange doing a good deal on this.