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  1. use mt voltage control it menu and this thread to find settings. If something goes wrong boot recovery and flash deleteBootUndervolt.zip.
  2. It versatile :) You can specify own params.
  3. Smartassv2 is really GOOD :) Thank you Technolover!!!
  4. IC, but, imo too slow :( I will stick with yr old undervolt :) thank you for efforts.
  5. Technolover, these governors are really strange... Interactive never reaches maximum freq. Smoothass and lagfree are very slow dropping freq D'u see the same ?
  6. improving Call Quality?

    Dunno why, but guys at Russian forums found that if you set (I guess it should be) "Hearing aid device" in Calls sound loudness is much higher.
  7. Sad there no undervolt :( How soon can it be released? Im currently on LOW version and it makes me happy :)
  8. New kernel for Gingerbread

    Thank you! Its really nice to have 43% in 2d 17 hrs!!! Its first time Im satisfied with batt life on metal, especially considering its OC. It really looks like magic.
  9. Root Access

    SuperOneClick does well
  10. Framelimit removed!

    Doesnt boot on 49 ;) Acer&robos hang.
  11. wifi sleep issue

    Here Ive found some info on batt drain... Looks like I was really wrong suspecting wifi. May be it will be usefull for someone who able to patch kernel :D powersave kernel Discussion on USB problem here. Bit more "mitigation turning wifi".
  12. wifi sleep issue

    Hi ppl! Can anyone help with this problem... Logs: http://pastebin.com/yfHpBtGu Its seen in logs circular suspend problem. No clue how to solve it. Is it related to: fixes? If its not enough info, plz tell me what should I provide. PS. 1.100.36.EMEA.GEN1