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  1. mitchde added a post in a topic ZTE Blade L3 - Recovery, OTG and other questions etc.   

    Hi, there is work on CWM on Blade L3!
    Perhaps someone can help fixing some fstab bugs. CWM is already booting but not functionalbe.
    Here the thread (other site, german but i think eng is sure welcome). 
    I am not the dev of the .img (github link in the thread beloew) , but posted the errors of the first CWM version. (also screenshoot).

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  2. mitchde added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.12 [08/11/15]   

    I get lot of stalls after some time. For example keyboard takes a few seconds to show, usable. I use build in keyboard, swiftkey is even more problematic.
    Happens also to other tasks. Sometimes even like freeze and message " app not responding- wait or quit?" cames up in this case.
    But not happen after reboot or the first hours.
    I can see that the default enabled (i think) ZRAM, 130 MB usage (xy % used) rises  in time of using the phone. 
    I now disabled ZRAM (only KSM is enabled) and at least the massivest stalls are gone. Of course some minimall stalls didnt gone.
    Can it be that the RAM problem, too less real RAM free for 5.x, is the main prob for stalls. And enabling ZRAM  isnt an solution to fix that - or even more bad that without?
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  3. mitchde added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.12 [08/11/15]   

    Thanks for new ROM!
    For my usage i find that its better so disable KSM and lower swappiness for kompressed virtual swap mem from 45 to 20.
    Gives shorter lags starting apps. I use greenify (manual, not auto) to let used apps sleep (like whatsapp).
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  4. mitchde added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.12 [08/11/15]   

    Thanks for cat ... hint to show swaps.
    Mine, ROM seetings orig. shows only ZRAM. So its clear no swapfile or swap partition is used.
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  5. mitchde added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.12 [08/11/15]   

    Hi, i am happy with 13.06.2015 version! No major probs (followed SlimLP alpha dev an now give a try :)  )- THANKS.
    I made an full wipe.
    free in terminal shows:
    Mem: 414216 (free 38584)
    Swap: 131068  (free 38860)
    swappiness: 45 ( file swappiness setting, orig.)
    App ZRAM Status shows:
    ZRAM Disk: 134.217.728
    used 39.0000
    Where is ZRAM disksize (134 MB) configured (cant find in init.d or its folder)
    Where is swappiness  (45) configured?
    Is in orig. (unchanged) ROM ZRAM enabled and set to 134 MB? ( i think so)
    But whats with SWAP? (shown in free)
    Is that the ZRAM or really an SWAP (by an file somewhere or swap partition) ?
    I dont have manually setup swap partition on SD; but have some partition left for such usage.
    If file or real swap partition where is it configured (131 MB size) ? 
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  6. mitchde added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1] Cyanogenmod 12.1 [Y300/G510] [04/06/2015]   

    @ xHeilHitler please change member name!
    HEIL HITLER as part of member name = german nazi salute  / Hitler Greeting?! ( i reported moderator already)
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  7. mitchde added a post in a topic [JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]   

    ROM works really good in speed. No RAM probs here (i dont use ZRAM or SWAP!) . Also battery life same as other good 4.xx ROMs.
    With all 4.4 ROMs i sometimes had RAM probs ( short freezes , not smooth) even using ZRAM. I think the 512 MB RAM device  isnt enough for  4.4 or 5.0 ROMs, like 256 MB RAM in even older devices and 4.x vs 2.x ROMs.
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  8. mitchde added a post in a topic [JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]   

    comment: I updated the 17.02.15 version with your newer 21.02.15 version without probs. Only dalvik-cache, system and cache was wiped before update.
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  9. mitchde added a post in a topic [JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]   

    Thanks , for hint HD mode insted of MTP mode. 
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  10. mitchde added a post in a topic [JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]   

    Is this the same which was posted a few days before but after a da was deleted?
    For me, Y300 works very good. Only some language parts are not complete (also shown on the screen shoots, mostly eng but some other lang also).
    I vcan´t finde the switch / option to enable USB Mode to mount it as an hd. It seems its fixed MTP Mode.
    Q: Can i flash that (newer) version over the a few days before version and only wipe dalvik cache?
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  11. mitchde added a post in a topic [RECOVERY][ALL] Official TWRP & Root [01/08/2014]   

    Thanks , can you make for the lastest one - - to ?
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  12. mitchde added a post in a topic [ROM][4.1.1][B209] AOSP MOD [28/02/2015]   

    Great ROM!
    Q: I had other CM11 ROM before and there was a feature that when i tripple tipp on the screen the screen is zoomed - great for reading some smaller text.
    Setting text to bigger didnt help much and has negative effect by big text always.
    How can i add this feature top this ROM? I habe xposed installed. Is there any xposed tool which do that?
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  13. mitchde added a post in a topic [ROM] [ALL] [KK] Aospa 4.6 Beta 6 [11/11/14]   

    Question to build.prob (limits background apps , i think new since a few weeks ):
    ro.config.max_starting_bg=8   Can i reduce that count a even further? (for example 8/4)? What happens with that count setting if max. is reached? Woudld this this save RAM (and ZRAM CPU usage) when some tasks cant be startet without closing others before?    
    Thanks - i like ASOP Builds since beginning - no probs, less power consumption.
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  14. mitchde added a post in a topic [ROM] [ALL] [KK] Aospa 4.6 Beta 6 [11/11/14]   

    But for what kind of settings?
    I miss setting to setup (and order) the buttons for wlan, brigthness, .... (on the screen if i wish down at the right upper corner on the screen).
    If came from CM11 , perhaps that button setup is somewhere als in that rom.
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  15. mitchde added a post in a topic [ROM] [ALL] [KK] Aospa 4.6 Beta 6 [11/11/14]   

    What is DSB? Sorry for noob question.
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