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  1. HTC One X Review

    Thanks again for a great review! My biggest cons on this phone and the Sony Xperia S are not having a micro SD card slot and the fixed battery. This makes the use of custom roms and themes more risky I think, but this could just be me to much hanging on to the old ways of loading custom roms and themes... Oz
  2. Sony Xperia S Review

    Thanks for this great review! This one of my favorite phones, the other one is the HTC One X. Going to have a look at your review of that one now. Oz
  3. Version 3.8.0 is out: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=16547986#post16547986 : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16547986&postcount=5761 Oz
  4. Thanks again for the update Wolf! And I could post the link to your updates here if you don't mind, I check your XDA posts regularly. Oz
  5. No problems here with charging phone, but I never turn my phone off. Oz
  6. Thanks for the Update V3.6.0. Works great and very speedy! Oz
  7. Updated to v3 and installed the Speedtweak. Everything is working fine, speed is great and no probs after reinstalling my own apps. So again thanks for this Rom, Wolf! Oz
  8. Am on 005 now. All works fine. Thanks again for this rom. Oz
  9. Thanks for this great Rom and the Hot Fixes. Am on 003 now will try 004 later. Oz
  10. When you connect your X10 on your PC does it ask how you want to connect? And if so you should choose connect your phone to manage your content. If this works correctly pccompanion will discover your x10 and install, if they aren't installed already, the correct drivers for your x10. After this pccompanion shall start up and show that your phone is connected. Now you can use your x10 in flash. I am using Windows 7 64bit and have no problems. But your phone has to be discovered and installed via pccompanion to work correctly. Oz
  11. Gingerbread is Finally OUT!!!!!!

    Yes it has and it works fine. More than one reply that confirms this on XDA. Oz
  12. Gingerbread is Finally OUT!!!!!!

    Yes we need root so we can remove a lot of the useless apps. And all of the apps that need root are useless now. But none of the tools that could be used for rooting, flashtool, superoneclick, gingerbreak, seam to work on this gingerbread version. Oz
  13. Gingerbread is Finally OUT!!!!!!

    I meant that after flashing the ftf file, trip tried updating his X10 via pccompanion or SEUS, because it does not work via SEUS anymore. Oz
  14. Gingerbread is Finally OUT!!!!!!

    Updated via pccompanion? Oz