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  1. Nice to see new developers here, keep going! :) Cheers.
  2. Wow! LOL nice work modaco!

  3. JingleJo


    This game is awesome! Except the music for passing each level is kinda awkward...
  4. JingleJo

    Post Screenshots Of Your Phone Here.

    Why is everyone looking at my Quadrant score...
  5. JingleJo

    Order and Chaos

    Hey DauL, due to gameloft's crappy server if it has an error just keep restarting the download, it will continue the download. Once it is downloaded i doubt any files will be deleted unless you do it yourself.
  6. JingleJo

    New Mobile Security! BitDefender

    Although I'm asian, my maths isn't good... what does 1.0x10^-9001 equal...? (I'm 16) And because the market is kinda unfiltered, so there are certainly some junk apps that some random person will download and harm their devices. I personally used lookout before and i find it a memory and battery hog. Personal preference and btw what is Droid Wall? Is it like a firewall for android?
  7. Enjoy your vacation!


  8. JingleJo

    Nice Weather APP

    OMG OMG OMG it even made it on xda home page!!!!!!! I can't believe how LAME XDA IS!!!!! http://www.xda-developers.com/android/andr...listic-effects/ My thread could've went on the front page too!
  9. +1 I can't seem to tell difference between and i suppose there is no difference apart from minorities in signal and battery, I'll stick with .52 and .58, both seem good enough.
  10. JingleJo

    Post Screenshots Of Your Phone Here.

    Here's mine, enjoy. Wolfbreak 7.1 with 3.52 by Goro Tsukiyama
  11. Nice. I don't really like stock gingerbread... I am using swifttkey at the moment and its predictions are incredible, is it possible that you port that theme over to SwiftKey?
  12. JingleJo

    Nice Weather APP

    According to people that wasted 5 bucks on it, it is absolhte crap, but anyway, enjoy.
  13. I really don't like zkernel, it is basically Goro's 3.52 without underclock. I was expecting a 60fps frame rate for z's kernel, but turns oht they are all the same @48fps, which is good enough.
  14. JingleJo

    [KERNEL]bb67 Zkernel latest 22 06 2011

    This kernel is no different from GORO'S BUT. I'd stick with goro's for stability!