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  1. Hi everyone I am very busy ,So I stop this dev, but my friend Airk keep working. And today ,He told me that the Bluetooth and the camera has been working properly, but the flash is not working properly.
  2. The next few days , I will release RIL
  3. phone mms mobile data are all ok
  4. I am on a business trip . so busy
  5. I will release the RIL for ICS when I get home .
  6. I will release the RIL for ICS when I get home .
  7. Is B926? It 's some bugs .
  8. Change log version 0.0.1 init
  9. hi everyone These days, I very busy, go away on business, so has not been updated.So sorry.
  10. NEW: ICS can got back gingerbread , but you would be lost IMEI num.
  11. i upgraded .it is for u8818, i called my friend .he is working on huawei.
  12. yeah , he is missing crc binary. I update kernel ,and try to fix camera ,but now i must go to sleep ..it is 23:50
  13. lock BL and if you unlock BL then cant CWM ... everyone look this