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  1. Hi, Am having a weird problem. Sometimes, when a call is coming thru, the contact name seems different, also this happens when the call ends. Similarly, while calling from the contacts, sometimes, when i call "X", the call goes to "Y". Never had such problem with other ROM's. Can this be fixed or should i just flash the ROM once again?
  2. Hi trueno2k, official ICS update for OT 995 is here for quite some time. Did you by any chance try updating it?
  3. Markiv

    Alcatel OT-995

    Good news : Have anyone checked this ICS update? http://www.alcatelonetouch.com/global-en/support/faq/ot-995ics-fota.html
  4. Markiv

    Alcatel OT-995

    I have bought this Mini monster. In India, a company called Relaince is rebranding the model as Reconnect 4301 for 250$.... Awaiting for ICS upgrade...
  5. Markiv


    I have bought this device.. amazing for the cost....
  6. Hi vNa5h, small query - can u please elaborate how to do this process step by step. May be I have misunderstood - shud we do this after installing ROM or before? And since all ROM's are signed nowadays, a small step by step page for unsigning and resigning can be very helpful to noobs like me. Apologies as am straying away from this topic but since this post came up, i kinda remembered. So can u/anyone else please post these steps so as to help noobs reduce the ROM space so that we can use apps2rom and push a few apps into the ROM partition.....
  7. Hi Guna, I guess ICS is also kinda old now.. you should try Jelly bean too - though camera ,video & usb tether are not working, it seems to be okay. I know it doesnt satisfy your basic requirements - but who knows, you could get addicted to it. 1 important tip *only applies in India & with Tata Docomo connection* you get free 3g speeds and it uses 2g internet balance. Checked and verified. I believe its because the network providers havent upgraded something from their side and as this OS has a new signature, a small loop hole is being used - fortunately for our advantage. This happened even with ICS rom when it was released in Modaco and I was getting 3g speeds for about 2-3 months. Yenjaai. Probably i may make it a main thread if there are many takers :unsure:
  8. Me too... Am gonna brag about this in my office that an Indian is major developer and makes on of the ICS roms - i would conveniently skip his residence location though... Yippee...
  9. AD-HOC? What is the benefit of using this feature. Please explain its usage as am not aware of it.... Thanks in advance
  10. Hi There, as replied by jpdoliveira, the default sound effect is managed by an app called DSP Manager, but if u want SRS to modify sound efffects, u can use the patch. Choice is yours.
  11. Great ROM, the beauty of ics, stability of gingerbread... what more can we ask for.... great job mate... Now an issue Serious problems with GPS, it shows me off by 3miles. Checked with gmaps n foursquare and getting same results. Can we fix this?
  12. This is a problem that has come after putting in , a new ROM. Prior to this, i never faced such a problem. If this is the wrong place to post issues, can u please tell me where i should post it?
  13. I can see that 2 downloads have happened, is there any serious issue, or did i somehow get a wrong radio file???
  14. Hi All, My blade mobile is behaving awkwardly when it is in ROAMING and this happens when the signal is unavailable and it restarts every 15 mins. I checked by going back to my 1st backup - froyo and still the same result. I have attached a logcat while it was having ICS installed. Thanks in advance., Markiv alogcat-06-01-23-33-33.0530.txt