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  1. I used your rom on a ZTE for many time, so if now I can help you with the Huawei in any way, please tell me. What do you think about the Motorola Moto G XT1039? In your opinion is it a valid alternative to this huawei or do you know a cheaper alternative?
  2. Hi KonstaT! I'm looking for a cheap smartphone on wich I can install cyanogenmod. I was going to buy the huawei Y5, but I didn't do it because I have read your post. Do you know another cheap smartphone like the huawei Y5, on wich I can install cyanogenmod?
  3. Too slow and impossible to use on my blade. Why? Normally goes to you?
  4. how to use pdroid with this rom? edit: it works using auto patcher: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1719408
  5. Hi, with Blade Checker I see: TPT Upgraded Gen 2 Phone detected Use Gen 1 style TPTs With this table http://amphoras.co.u...oads/blade-tpts I can see that I have G1-G2 v10a TPT. In my phone the fastboot in not enabled and if I push vol+ and menu during boot it crash. In that table there are written: on Gen2 and Gen3 TPTs. In my Blade can I use the G2 v2a or G3 v2a TPT to reenable fastboot and after flas an android 4 custom rom? In the G1-G2 v10a TPT the total of the partitions's size is 456 MB, instead in the G2 v2a is 441 MB. Why? If I change the TPT, can I restore the nandroib backup done with G1-G2 v10a TPT and CM7?