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  1. [ROM] void. (2.2.2; #cygnus)

    Thats true but then I need to wipe my data and then again load it all over again and currently i dont have enough time to spend it on nothing. Is it stable and is it faster then fbl ?
  2. [ROM] void. (2.2.2; #cygnus)

    One simple question: is it worth upgrading to this ROM from flb rom ??
  3. [Theme] JGM Software Gingerbread Theme

    OK np wer can wait, just take your time :)
  4. [Theme] JGM Software Gingerbread Theme

    It works fine but i would really like the circle battery theme inside. :)
  5. Probably something is wrong beacouse 15 minutes is too much.
  6. [Theme] JGM Software Gingerbread Theme

    I will as soon as i have time
  7. you have to wait a little longer. Mybe you didnbt ?
  8. Installed it for now works great. Good job, keep doing it ! :)
  9. [Theme] JGM Software Gingerbread Theme

    When will this version 2 be out ?
  10. Post your Quadrant and Neocore scores

    Sory for off topic but I really want to know how to break fps cap on x5? My score Quadrant :1740
  11. [Theme] JGM Software Gingerbread Theme

    It doesnt really matter what it is just it has to show percentege and be as accurate as it can be. Thanks for doing this :P
  12. Thanks but how can i backup my phone now so nothing will change when i update. Would clockworkmod recovery do it? Sry for noobi questions am pretty new in this.
  13. OK. Where could i get it?
  14. GPS Performance

    For me the GPS works great i am using B136 firmwire. But it was updated (by me) from B135. But i used gps fix from market at first. And I am using iGO.
  15. [Theme] JGM Software Gingerbread Theme

    It works for me great ,but i really miss the percentage of battery left in the right top corner.