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  1. CeeJay-88

    [closed] Bricked phone, please help ;-)

    x10 uses usb 2.0 some front usb's on older PC's maybe old usb ports and not 2.0.. you should invest in a mini usb hub that pulls 1 port from the back and makes it into 4 that you can attach at front (if this is the case) glad you have solved your problem
  2. CeeJay-88

    [closed] Bricked phone, please help ;-)

    charge your phone from the mains for about an hour to make sure of charge and also check the connectors on your usb, make sure none are bent, this happened to me last time when 1 had broke, data was unable to transfer properly..... if this is not the case then try it again using a different flashtool and ftf file as this maybe corrupt.. i have seen this before
  3. I tried that but it just froze them all on 'buffering' it stopped it freezing but wouldn't play them lol
  4. I have read through a few pages but can't find the answers... is anyone else having miui music problems? Like it freezes whilst changing track and also when I change font everything is great except gmail emails they are unreadable... try the neongt theme :-) Thank you in advance
  5. dynamic will work with any wireless.... but static will mean you have to change it each time you move to a different wireless as they will more than likely have a different IP range or gateway alsofor all users having problems with dns set the first to the same as your gateway.. as your router will have its own dns and 2nd dns should be googles or
  6. dns 1 should be the same as your gateway dns 2
  7. yes, it is up to trip but he asked in the froyo thread if anybody wanted him to make it final... so i created this so that he could see what users want him to do....... whether he listens to what the users want... thats a different story haha! this is just to show waht people want even if its so other users can see what is the most popular rom :-)
  8. I agree. but some people like the stability of froyo and the speed as there are still a few more thing for Trip to work on with GB... this ROM will be much better than GB when its done... but froyo is still more stable for the time being...
  9. Let us know what you think, then trip can decide what he wants to do :-)
  10. is anybody else having the 'Sync is experiencing problems. it will be back shortly' ?? i cant get my contacts back...
  11. I use win 7 64bit... and it works fine for me :-)
  12. There needs to be an x10 admin... that can delete posts from pointless users as this really is not helping the site allowing them to post and nothing gets done.. . This has all been sorted out.... some don't like him... then stay out of his threads. some like to praise him for everything he does.... open up a thread! If you want a nice clean working rom then let the devs work and help them with bug reports only stop getting personally involved in everything they do or say! Can a mod please clean up this thread !!!
  13. Clean post... Bugs... Bb65 does not work too well with x10i (keep losing signal) Microphone volume is low... others struggle to hear me Higher than 1mp photo fails ( already known but still thought I would say) Erm ..... camera button doesn't work... shows keyboard Off top of my head that was it... had to flash back to 1.7.3 due to this being used for business use also I needed the microphone.