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  1. Yes, I do not like the Safari icon ^ ^ Thanks for this one, I like much! Do not hesitate to help out, I send you my email in private message. With icons that I asked and the new icon for the browser: here I would wait your instructions to update the next icons
  2. Wow, fast! Big thank you to you! The icons that you have done for me is just perfect! Try the tutorial in a row and I was editing this post to tell you if I had problems or not. Really a big thank you! I take this opportunity to send the new mtz for Froyo! It is available here and if you need help to updatepackages, send me a private message, I would be happy to help you. edit 1 : This is perfect for the tutorial, it works! edit 2 : By cons you have not answered my question: Why do you use the Safari icon?
  3. Really pretty! Very good job! Just a note: why use the Safari icon? Then an application, actually two: - An icon for Google + - An icon for the Crédit Agricole (picture) Thank you in advance and continue like that! Good luck for the future!
  4. Maybe he waited to use camera for update this ROM....
  5. Hi ! 0.9 in French : Not sending sms Not receiving sms Chinese signs almost everywhere
  6. First of all, thank you for this ROM and all the others, you're really great! To explain the fact that I leave your MluI release: - Suffers from slowness - Can not write sms when you charge the battery - Too much unnecessary stuff - Can not save the configuration of MluI Otherwise, I had no problems with this ROM in two days of use on a BB67 and unmodified kernel. Thank you for your taff, and good luck for the future!
  7. First of all thank you for the job. Then a small note, the icons on the Windows Phone ... is not that great of an Android, especially as good, let's be proud to have this OS!