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  1. lordgoata

    Boosting the range of your home WiFi

    Its currently £23.91 on Amazon, and with free next day delivery if you have Prime, bargain!
  2. lordgoata

    EXCLUSIVE: More details on LG's forthcoming Nexus

    Lack of removable battery might kill it for me. I've not used a stock battery yet, as they are always so bloody under powered - but then again no information on what the battery capacity is yet either :) I'd be astonished to ever see a microSD slot on a Nexus device, so that doesn't surprise me much.
  3. lordgoata

    Asus TF101 Ice Cream Sandwich issues

    @Mr.Clark I left my tab (undocked) with the screen off, and Juice Defender running. After 7 days I still had about 30% of the battery left (I hardly used it, it was an experiment to see how long it lasted). I then charged both the tab and the dock and tried again, this time with it docked. It was dead after 2 days. No other difference. The dock causes the battery to drain something terrible (even with the setting enabled in the preferences). Not sure if you are docked, but that's something to bear in mind.
  4. lordgoata

    Asus TF101 Ice Cream Sandwich issues

    No problems here for me either - in fact its given the tablet a whole new lease of life, just seems more polished and complete now. I did wipe mine, then update, then factory reset - dunno if that made a difference or not though! I think my tablet and dock were also B70, but I can't remember for certain atm).
  5. @T39andcounting I'm sure I have it installed on my Asus Transformer - will check tonight.
  6. Couldn't agree more with everything written! Its a lovely, polished piece of software to use as well. The scheduled scans is a nice touch, have it set up to do all the scanning over night whilst the phone is on charge so any issues are reported when I get up, and the battery isn't affected. Also installed on my partners phone and it caught some malware that she accidently tried to install from an in app ad (my fault, forgot to turn off 3rd party app installs!). Highly recommended.
  7. lordgoata

    HELP: Step by Step Upgrade

    Whenever I upgrade I always factory reset, upgrade, then factory again. This is from past experience with various android devices showing slight side effects by missing out one stage or another. As a result of this, the last thing I want to do is restore anything, so I always set up from scratch each time! The only exception is my call log and sms log, which I back up with My Backup Pro, and then restore. Any apps which have a settings export option (ADWLauncher.EX, Tasker, various widgets etc) I export the settings before I do the initial factory reset, then after installing the apps fresh from the market, I import the settings from the SD card. Yes its laborious, but it means I don't fall into the "forever upgrading and never using the damn thing" trap, and also means I only tend to install stuff I actually use, and not the million apps i accumulate between upgrades! Probably doesn't help much, but thought I'd throw in my 2p! Edit: forgot to add, I always remove my SD card while doing the reset-upgrade-reset, just in case! And remember anything saved is likely to be on the internal SD card, not the external one unless explicitly set (eg. camera), so copy everything onto the PC, then if anything goes tits, you can just copy it back again.
  8. lordgoata

    50% off for 1650mAh li-ion battery

    Just a heads up, the vast majority of these cheap batteries are fake - they clone the exterior, and use cheap cells. Often if you open the plastic enclosure you will find much smaller capacity cells inside (with their true rating printed on them), and packing pieces either side to stop it rattling around in the larger enclosure, for example you buy a 1500mAh battery and the internal cells are only 800mAh. Sometimes they will be the true capacity, but the quality is so bad they soon lose their ability to hold the full charge after a couple of months. There are many, many reviews and pages of information on this practice on the net, so just beware (that's not to say they will cause a problem, just they won't necessarily last as you expect, as Core describes above).