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  1. Joe Simpson

    What's new in Android 4.2?

    IMAP is quite difficult to "sync" things as it wasn't designed for mobile. Photo Sphere looks to be like being able to create Google Street View alike photos (one of the Android team said they based the idea off Street View), which are a lot lot better than basic panoramas.
  2. Joe Simpson

    HTC launches 'Best Deals' service

    Why is it not following the Android Design guidelines? It's just inconsistent, and it would help solve the current issue with the general public and Android which for near me is "Android is confusing"
  3. Joe Simpson

    Alleged Nexus 10 user manual leaks

    Manuals are easy to fake which is the problem (compared with device renders)
  4. Joe Simpson

    LG source: Ice Cream Sandwich IS coming to the 2X, 3D and Black.

    YAY! :D :D FINALLY <3
  5. Joe Simpson

    [Stock / 4.0.3] Official AndyPad ICS ROM released

    Awesome! I'm glad you're still working on it Csharpe! :D I can't wait until we could get GApps (and possibly root) on this device. Joe :)
  6. Joe Simpson

    Boid for Twitter hits pre-Beta

    Cheers Paul for posting this! :D
  7. Joe Simpson

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    I love the look of the Raspberry Pi and I have an O2x :)
  8. Joe Simpson

    [App][Root] SwiftText

    Can you open up a terminal and try putting "input text hi" on your device and tell me what you get?
  9. Joe Simpson

    [App][Root] SwiftText

    Do you hate typing your email address, postcode, address and everything else over and over again? So do I! If you're rooted, this app can type out your phrases for you! Just install + hold down the search key! :) Try it and tell me what you think! https://market.android.com/details?id=me.kennydude.swifttext
  10. Joe Simpson

    ICS For Rockchip Announced

    Paul from AndyPad said it's Spring (i think, can't remember) that RockChip have said that the ICS SDK is going to be ready for customers
  11. Joe Simpson

    [DEVS]CyanogenMod For The Andypad.

    Hi peeps, I've been doing some searching and it seems this guy "wendal" knows his way around these Chinese tablets, This shows how to compile the kernel from AndyPad which is actually nice of them to release: http://wendal.net/350.html (translate it) He's got lots more on his blog, but there's also this: http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/22162-writable-system-for-rk29xxt760p71-et/ I don't know if that helps anybody trying to get anything to work with R/W systems etc. Joe :)
  12. Joe Simpson

    CyanogenMod won't install my LG 2X

    Thank you so much! It's booting up now! (I used CM on my old Wildfire!) I think I used the wrong recovery before! :D
  13. Joe Simpson

    CyanogenMod won't install my LG 2X

    I can get into CM recovery once and that's it, it resets back to what it was. I tell it to Wipe and Install CM and it says it's done it, but upon reboot I'm just stuck with a broken phone.
  14. Joe Simpson

    CyanogenMod won't install my LG 2X

    Hi, I posted earlier about NVFlash not working, well I've now had to do that twice because I can't get a custom ROM to install. I have no idea what's going wrong, I'm following http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/LG_Optimus_2X:_Full_Update_Guide and I can't seem to get it to work. It will seem to install, but it just gets stuck at the LG Screen, but I know lots of people have got theirs to work. It's a P990 model so it should work. Also, I seem to 'loose' ClockworkMod recovery which is strange and shouldn't happen. I try to boot with Power+VolDown and I get "Software Update" screen which I don't think is right. Does anyone have any foolproof instructions for getting a Custom ROM to work and actually boot. Thanks, Joe
  15. Joe Simpson

    Problems using NVFlash

    Ignore me. Use a windows computer, It works! Joe