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  1. Hi, i have zte blade wit latest ginger stir fry. My wife got xperia x8 with stock 2.1 rom. I wanted to install something on my wifes phone and put my sd card into her xperia x8. So far, so good. After installation i put my sd card back to my zte and ... all from market installed apps are gone ::( Only stanard apps, delivered with ginger stir fry works fine. I didnt delete anything. If i check the sd card, all files are present. Wipe cache and dalvaik cache didn¨t help. Do i need to install all the apps again? :-( Best regards topek
  2. Hi, i have the rom form last week (nb175) i have still random resets while navigating (gps). :-( I hate it
  3. Hi guys, Im using nb from 21 july (nb138) Are there any significant improvements compared to latest nbs? I read about 2 weeks ago that GSF is much faster than cm7 because of new kernel. Is it still like this or cm7 has it too. Currently my biggest problem with nb138 is rebooting device after pluging in micro usb cable while gps is on. I also saw new roms. Simply, what do you recommend to me? Greetz Topek
  4. And what about stable versions and not NBuilds? regards topek
  5. Yeah :) i will try your rom. But now i want to flash latest CM7 becaue its simple flashing for me only cache and dalvaik cache wipe. Without apps installing. Which CM7 should i try now?
  6. Which version do you mean. update-cm-7.0.3-Blade-signed.zip update-cm-7.1.0-RC1-Blade-signed.zip cm_blade_full-138.zip ?? Best regards topek
  7. Hi, which one of the latest releases should i take? I had 2 versions of CM7 It's a crap. All the time something it's not working RC1 rebootet my device while using gps NB 127 rebootet my blade after pluging micro usb B into device and sygic navi didn't work properly (graphical problems) So i would to try Stir Fry or Blue Ginger. Which one is more stable and simply (most) of the things works stable? Best regards topek
  8. But if i select: "wipe data/factory reset" then i will lost all apps, or not? I have also in clockwork "wipe cache partition" Perhaps do you meant this one? regards topek
  9. Here are the steps: 1. i download the nb127 from http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?type=nightly&device=blade and copy it to my sd card (root folder) 2. Reboot the phone by holding the volumy -> clockwork mod starts 3. And whats now? "Install zip from sd card" or "apply update from sd card" ? Best regards topek
  10. And what about flashing, factory settings and app losing?
  11. Hi guys, i'm new on ZTE blade (i have it since 2 weeks). I've installed gen 2 CM7 RC1 but i have problems with device rebooting because of gps. I read, that e.g nightly build 127 doesn't have this bug. My problem is, i'm leaving today (vacation) and if i flash my device i don't want to spend 2 hours by installing the apps. Is it possible to flash nb127 without installing the apps (or backup)??
  12. It doesn't help. Who decide to switch on defaultly these gay animated lines? :-]
  13. Hi, i searched in this topic for: animation, animated, lines, moving But i didn't find the answer. How can i switch off this animated lines which crossing my screen? They're annoying me :] best regards topek
  14. Hi boyz and girlz, i did it! This one: http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...ded-gen2-blade/ helped me ! Im so happy now. And gps fix is much quicker :)
  15. I want to have that possibility. If my ZTE will break i could load stock rom to use warranty.