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  1. But in this way it will be only a 2.3.7c with different app, different theme, different framework color, etc, so what is really changed ??? I think that we need only for a way to have a stable and complete ICS rom, so to me, it's better if all the devs focus on this direction. If he start in developing an ICS based rom, maybe he could help romzesrover with minor bugs, and if romzesrover will develope a complete 4.0.4 bobanbg wont need to start a new port from the beginning. I read romzesrover fixed the deepsleep, the other are all minor bugs, and I think that are all related to ram management (big file, delay, etc.) maybe related to CM framework ...
  2. I have some questions for you :) 1) Could you explain the differences between Ray kernel and ThePasto Kernel please ? 2) Did you use any Ram Manager (v6-SC for example) ??? If not, could I ask you why? (I obtained great smoothness with the old RC1 and V6-SC ;) ) 3) Wath is content into the Addons zip ?? Does it only disable the ICS animations ?? 4) I'm not good in developing, but I see a Mod for the sensation, that allowed a sort of fast cache into the phone memory. Could you check here ( how it works and decide if can be usefull for Liquid too ??
  3. Today I bought a used Sensation, for € 100, still under warranty. I was thinking of turning the liquid into a mp3reader/GPS navigator with offline maps. I could use it with applications such Runtastic, or anything like that, listen to music and keep track of the workouts that I do. Our liquid is a great phone, but used like MP3 Player is better. Wich apk should I remove from a ROM to completely disable the phone/dialer.
  4. Mine too ... I think we are a family larger than expected !!!
  5. Camera 360 ...
  6. I don't know if the GPU driver is the same, but Acer liquid metal has an Adreno 205 and not an Adreno 200 ...
  7. I have to admit, I'm really envious of the ability that you have in these things, I wish I had the time to learn this knowledge.
  8. Ah this is different. This is a real problem of the rom.
  9. deepsleep is perfectly working in this rom/kernel ... and when I say perfectly I mean PERFECTLY.
  10. Did you try V6SuperCharge and V-Sync Disabled ????
  11. Great !!!! So, the bug are only: - Panorama Mode ... maybe is this the solution ????? - encored/decoder for videos ???? I'll test it asap, but I want to know if you start to develop from ccorasa Repack&Port
  12. Today I tried for the first time Launcher8 ... I think that nothing could be better for phones with little screen size ...
  13. Only one question ... are you using CWM Recovery o TWRP ???? If you are using the first one ... tah dah ... the problem is that. Try to flash TWRP ... I think it's the better one.
  14. Google Traslate XD ... è divertente il fatto che siamo solo italiani quasi quasi eheheh
  15. mmmm the touchscreen could be a great problem ...

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