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  1. Therezin

    First impressions of the Windows Phone 8X by HTC

    Looks like a nice phone, but I'm looking forward to the slightly-more-pocketable 8S. Any plans for a review of that one as well?
  2. Therezin

    Samsung to release 4 inch Galaxy S3 "Mini"

    I'm glad to see the screen size arms race dying down. While I can see the appeal of a really large screen, I like a phone I can fit in my pocket! I can see this selling well with tablet owners, who are probably less likely to want a 5" phone when they already have a 7" or 10" screen to do their browsing on.
  3. Therezin

    VegaICS Alpha3

    <br /><br /><br /> A-ha, that would probably explain why I find it a lot easier to read stuff on ICS, too!
  4. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help me with an issue I'm having.<br /><br />I'm having trouble applying the OTA update to 4.5.31 on my Atrix. When the update installs, it checks the MD5s of a bunch of system files (sensible) including build.prop. Unfortunately for me, I've edited build.prop to get rid of the annoying noise every time my phone mounts the SD card, so my build.prop MD5 is different. And yes, like an idiot I deleted my backed-up copy of build.prop after replacing it with a new one - what can I say, it worked so no need to keep the backup! /facepalm.<br /><br />I'm currently running 4.4.20.MB680.Orange.en.GB, apparently. Does anyone have an original unmodified build.prop for that version that I could use?<br /><br />Thanks in advance.
  5. Therezin

    VegaICS Alpha3

    Fantastic ROM, it just works! Runs better than Vegacomb (at least on my tablet), and the only issue I've come across so far is the WiFi problem mentioned in the OP. The only thing I'd change (apart from the slow WiFi resume, but I assume you're looking into that) is that the taskbar along the bottom seems to be twice as high as the Honeycomb one. I'm assuming that's just an ICS thing though, so I'll just get used to it! :-D