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  1. deathbreath

    {MIUI Lockscreen} Xperia

    I found another xperia-theme: http://www.mediafire.com/?lrbi37d7d7jjk8e Only problem with this theme are the chinese characters on the lockscreen:/ Maybe you can improve it;) Happy Easter!!!:)
  2. deathbreath

    {MIUI Lockscreen} Xperia

    Thank you so much !! :) i think if you improve the looks a lot of people would use your theme/lockscreen..i personally love miui in combination with the stock xperia look;) Cheers
  3. deathbreath

    {MIUI Lockscreen} Xperia

    Awesome work! Any updates planned? Cause it is the only lockscreen i found looking like the stock one..and the icons are really cool;)
  4. Any plans on some update for the X10?=] TripNiCE, TripNdROID, TripNmiUi? i miss your work and would really appreciate to see some of your magic again;) Cheers
  5. Still looking forward to a release for our beloved x10..would beTripN-tastic;) Cheers and merry x-mas everyone!!!
  6. :o In your world there is no maybe..keep up your great work;)
  7. We want it!!! Both roms are highly appreciated! hopefully your final release gets some nice kernel;) Cheers Gesendet von meinem X10i mit Tapatalk
  8. Great news! Looking forward to it Cheers Sent from my X10 using Tapatalk
  9. Maybe Trip can resolve the axis crossing bug with the dualtouch? Now that the bootloader is unlocked..or would you have to build the driver from scratch? Sent from my X10 TripNMiUI-1.8.26 using Tapatalk
  10. Isn't it possible to relock the bootloader? And then use a different unlock method? Sent from my X10 TripNMiUI-1.8.26 using Tapatalk
  11. "Cool update" for your X10 fellas planned?;) best rom out there!! Thx
  12. deathbreath

    Cyanogenmod.. X10 forum up!!

    And the forum is already filled up with useless posts^^ Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
  13. deathbreath

    [ROM] [19-08] TripNDroid Mobile Engineering

    TripNDroid update heading our way?;) would be awesome!! Thx for your efforts Cheers where is everybody?!?^^ Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
  14. Time for an update;) WoohooO Sent from my X10 TripNMiUI-1.8.26 using Tapatalk
  15. Time for some magic;) Cheers Sent from my X10 TripNMiUI-1.8.26 with unlocked Doom Kernel using Tapatalk