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  1. well is it Real Time Language? Or something else? need more details...
  2. stuck at SONY ERICSSON as well... Just installed it after wiping the MIUI1.2.1 rom
  3. What if the Onion meets his Fateful Kat? Meow~~

  4. Trip can we flash the fps uncap by Z? Or it is already included?
  5. it seems arc timescape is included in the picture.....
  6. yeah happy birthday man! btw, @Trip : Keep refreshing the page! Cant wait for a new release! Great man Trip! and, p.s. "Thank you sir!" hah~
  7. Yeah... it's not stable enough for daily use. Besides, your rom is fast&smooth enough I just cant stop trying new thingsssssssssssssss LOL
  8. me too, but it happens after i flashed the zkernel... the bug does not exist before i did that.
  9. Then there may be something rom with ur phone or the official one... what about pcc? But that possibly doesnt work... I'm sorry that i cant help you then
  10. sorry to hear that. Is the official rom stable? Or it happens after you root it and install xrecovery? If the official one is stable, maybe you can try another way to root it? such as superoneclick? hope that helps.
  11. Try repair the phone with us for twice. Just repair it again. Then try root it and install busybox&xrecovery...
  12. BUG report: FC when opening the MIUI music app from notification bar.... can it be fixed?