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  1. im sure trip will come out with something new after our 2.3 update released...
  2. hi there, can u help me with simple step by step on installing WB-XPERIA TW 009 rom?? since u get a good result after installing this rom, can u share ur exp a bit?

  3. Latest Custom Kernel

    :blink: i wonder if it works on trips roms..... just flashed his old CM6... hmmmmm guesss i'll try it later and will comment for the results... kinda lazy atm to reflash again if its failed :D
  4. yes, i hope trip can do something so that we can use this as our daily rom... i love this rom too :huh:
  5. Link to Trip's Old ROMs

    where can i find Trip's Froyo CM rom?? :D cant find it haha
  6. woohoo, its working!! thanks buddies... B)
  7. Bug found ; Contacts - click any name - click edit contact (TOP RIGHT) - at name column (TOP BAR), click Edit icon (TOP LEFT) = FC Weeee :D
  8. Best ROM???

    :blink: i was looking for the best custom rom tho.. but then, i end up using TripNMiUI IRIS 1.7.3 cause of the stability. However i dont really into MiUI which is iPhone like. Was looking for stable and fast CM6/CM7 rom that works with BB67. But this rom - TripNMiUI IRIS 1.7.3 - from my opinion is suitable for daily rom. Not much headache.. :P
  9. SE announce Gingerbread in AUGUST!!!

    i agreed that without all the devs and 'chefs' we have here, i might have thrown this x10 right on SE's FACE :angry: grrrrrrrrrr woof wooofff!!
  10. i did reflash to FW 2.1.B.0.1 generic stocks rom and flash it back to this rom. now my problem is I cant download anything from market, thus it shows "starting download" in the market.. . Everything is flawless until i tried the TripNArc Iris GB rom... Maybe I need to reflash to the original stocks rom of mine which is 2....435, BB .54 danggg~~~ :ph34r:
  11. after tried your solutions ; 1. theme change to default 2. icon packs change, nice icon tho... 3. market - no changes, cant upload but status in market starting downloading.. yet it never start any... Please any experts to help me.. need market fix :(
  12. i dont get what u mean bro... i didnt point out any topics / issues / whatsoever... just sharing dawg
  13. Im sorry, its not working on me.. i guess need to reinstall new market others troubleshooting.. sad to say i dont know how to troubleshoot problems for android :unsure:
  14. Same here, audio lag when listening music via MIUI musics.. At first it happen frequent, but then it became constant hickups.. :blink:
  15. Mr Trip, Please help me, i cant download anything from market. Just happen recently after i reflashed to stock rom to try for your Iris GB. Then i reflashed to stock again to use this rom after consider this is better than others (made by yours). Out of sudden i cant download anything from market. It did says the items will be download shortly, and yet there is none. Not even an error message / FC. Is there anyway i can reSET my market or get a new market installer? :o